Parking Dance - Gloom Parasite

Gloom Parasite is a reflective album on contemporary existence and identity, painted in a cold and grungy post-adolescent fashion.

Parking Dance is a fictional character, a ghostly little demon created to survive underlife boredom.

CD / Digital Album

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Dr. Organic - Civilization

I’m doctor Organic. I’m an electro musician. I was born in the forest. I’m not a Human. I’m not a Tree.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Aurat - Khaar

Aurat (OH-RUT), meaning “Women” in Urdu, is a music group based in Los Angeles, CA.

Non-traditional sounds, raw energy, multilingualism.

12″ MiniAlbum / Digital Album

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Risk Risk - Blue Science

From Germany, Risk Risk was founded in 2009. The idea was to do synthpop the old school way.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Wave Earplug No​.​6

The sixth part of the Wave Earplug series vinyl compilation LPs promoting synthpop, cold wave, electro, EBM music from around the world. This time from Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, France, USA, Belgium and Holland.


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