Noromakina - Creep​-​Solo

NOROMAKINA is an electronic solo project formed in Bogotá Colombia in 2019 by Juan Manuel A.k.a Mel Zb. NOROMAKINA’s main focus is on making darkwave, electro post-punk and synthwave looking for lo-fi sounds, and for this purpose he uses machines with classic and modern synthesizers, processed with dark and reverberant effects.

Digital Album

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Fall Shock - Universal Unit Crime

Fall Shock is an Italian electronic music project founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay in 2018. Shortly after founding Fall Shock he met Death Metal guitarist Markus O, this collaboration concretizes a sound close to dark-synth wave.

Through an ethos of production, the music of Fall Shock leads to a sound of urgency and moderation, carefully engaging both the listener and the dancer. Distressed and sensual voices, flickering synths, straight kicks and hypnotizing guitars, recall inner memories and distant atmospheres.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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E.L.I Feat LBEEZE - Mort À L'int​é​rieur

Through a haze of global paranoia and hostility, continents collide! While laying down coarse rhythms and relentless basslines, E.L.I. passes the microphone to Up North’s LBEEZE. Loaded with stirring strings and dejected vocals, this collaboration will have you weeping or screaming.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Fraktion Schwarz-Weiss - Homerecordings

Synthimental wave duo from Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2019. [Discogs]

Digital Album [free download]

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Nihiltronix - Lithurgie

Born in 1993 as ICK. Mutated to Nihiltronix in 2008. When old school industrial muzak meets minimal punk synth. The subjects evocated are mental diceases, social riots, social resistance, mysthicisim, especially Christian and Pagan ones. NT can be a collective. It depends on the people who gravitate around Nada-Negator. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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