No - Wave Function

From his home city of Montréal, No brings us synth infused with lyricism mapped over the dark undercurrent of an intensively driving beat. From vocals suffused with a compelling nihilistic charge, No draws the listener into narratives with a somber core. This is synth unprocessed and raw edged, with an immediacy that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Andy Oppenheimer & Crystalline Stricture - Songs From A Constellation

‘Songs For A Constellation’ is a collaborative album based on the myth of Orion and Artemis by Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis and Oppenheimer MKII, and Crystalline Stricture.

Digital Album

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LoveTheMachine & Fokker

Synthwave duo from Italy and the United Kingdom.

LP / Digital Album

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NO+ANA is a collaborative project recorded in late 2022 featuring TONN Recordings artist No (Montréal) and electronic artist Ana Gartner (Medellín).

Digital Album

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FOKKER - Persona

Fokker’s sound assimilates many of TONN’s much loved synth forms, minimal and cold, yet is always embedded with that sultry disko beat at its foundation. Or as Fokker puts it, “I always start minimal, but each time it ends up being maximal”. So here’s to all things maximal, to the narrative intelligence, dramatic synth lines and luxe beats of Fokker.

Digital Album

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