Maman Küsters - Le Petit Chaos De Maman Küsters

Third album of the brilliant French electronic duo Maman Küsters that many lucky people were able to see and appreciate during the last Ombra festival in Barcelona (in a formula that was without the singer Cyril Pansal)

9 new tracks and 5 exceptional remixes made by figures of the international music scene such as GARETH JONES (famous producer of Depeche Mode, Tuxedomoon, Einstürzende Neubauten, Wire, Palais Schaumburg, Diamanda Galás or Crime & The City Solution), MARC CARO (experimental musician, director, screenwriter or Artistic Director of the “Le Bunker de la dernière rafale”, “Delicatessen”, “La cite des enfants perdus”, “Alien – the Resurrection”, “Enter the Void”…), the Belgian techno pioneer INSIDER, aka Kris Vanderheyden, as well than François Joncour and spanish noise producer HIV+.

Somewhere between DAF and Dadaism, surreal and powerful lyrics, sounds as much influenced by the early Nitzer Ebb or Front 242 but with a sweet touch of luminous Kraftwerk. A unique sound and voice!

CD / Digital Album

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15 Years Anniversary Playlist

Free download playlist for Avant! Records 15 years anniversary.

Digital Album

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Sava.Geo - A Methodical Plan

Instrumental minimal electronics from Greece.

LP / Digital Album

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Aroma Von Troisdorf - Buttergolem

Following his debut album in 2021, Aroma von Troisdorf makes a welcome return to Papercup Recordings with a new project, entitled ‘Buttergolem’.

With his self-titled debut album back in October of 2021, German producer Aroma von Troisdorf introduced the world to his amalgamation of styles which encapsulate influence from cosmic disco, post punk, Italo, dub, ambient, electronica and much more, delivered in a way that is uniquely his. Here following on from the acclaimed album he returns once again to the Steddy & Keshavara helmed Papercup Records, based out of Berlin/Cologne, to take listeners deeper into his sonic world. Read more…

12″ EP / Digital Album

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FM Gerlitzki - Przerwa

Unknown raw minimal synth project from an unknown location.

Digital Album

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