Normal Bias

The term “industrial body funk” cannot be something used lightly—but the self-titled debut EP by Normal Bias is just that. As a collaboration by members of That Which Is Not Said (TWINS/DKA, 2MR) and Multiple Man (DKA, Fleisch), Matt Bias and Chris Normal create a humid, sleek atmosphere of dance music with a pop sensibility. As four tracks that spill over with seductive grooves, Matt’s silky vocals beckon as they slide over EBM-tinged basslines and 80s synth tones.

Normal Bias begins and ends with seduction. “Another Realm” is both mysterious and alluring as it slithers through its funky pulse, while the album’s single, “Embody Control” is charged with a tension found in Matt’s Gahan-esque singing style. The song “Kingdom Come” feels like if A Split-Second turned pop, a lush industrial production that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Finally, “Stuck in the Past” closes the EP with Matt’s croon that envelops both hysteria and melancholy—fitting, it seems, for such a duo who have separately perfected the art of weirdo dance music. And now, as a team, the synergetic productions of Normal Bias provide a distinctive sound we’ve been waiting for all these years.

Digital Album

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Серцелев - Sokrovenie

Debut EP of new project by Artem Burtsev from Sierpien & Sierpien Records.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Be Dellow - Phantoms from The Past

After his appearance on the last Surviving in Europe compilation in 2020 ( SLK012 ) with the track “Minozzi Voli”, Be Dellow finally releases his debut EP on She Lost Kontrol.

Featuring five tracks (3 originals and 2 edits), “Phantoms from The Past” was born during those surreal days of the 2020 lockdown after days and days of listening to 80′s Japenese Synth Pop. Distorted and desperate vocals, layered over melancholic basslines and repetitive drums are the soundtrack created from those empty weeks when only the imagination was free to shift to other places.

The release includes two edits, one for Luke’s Soundhouse, a Brazilian cosmic/Balearic producer, and one for Words Two Four, a Puerto Rico band from the 80s.

Be Dellow is the Proto-Italo pseudonym of Francesco Baudazzi (Violet Poison, Diana Berti, Bakunin Commando, Red Lodge).

Digital Album

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RADKO - The Dirt On Caligula

It took quite some time to realize this album by RADKO… back in 2018 their debut single was released and then there was silence […] what they came up with is an adventures contemporary/post-wave sound with lots of complexity in it is sounds and structures… but still these pieces are songs […] More or less gone (or just more hidden?) are the cold wave and shoegaze elements… these have been replaced with electro, techno and industrial influences… and instead of dreamy and melancholy the sound is now much more haunting and dark […] an album with daring electronic beats and sounds… very clearly rooted in the new wave / post-punk / industrial tradition but mostly a contemporary electronic music exercise which could (should?) appeal to everybody with an open mind and interested in dark beats.

LP / Digital Album

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VV​.​AA 429

Waste Edition is back with a new compilation called 429 and once more, 4 new and colorful tracks were carefully chosen by the Andalusian label. The E.P is intentionally made up of four creative and admired artists. Besides and as is becoming the custom, these four diverse tracks are full of catchy melodies, touching arpeggios and powerful beats. Conscientiously, there is harmony between the four artists, Vortice Mortale, Imiafan, Asymetric80 and Undo & Casiowaves and without a doubt this compilation can show anyone no interest in trends and bet on music that the label loves and respects.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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