This Is The Bridge - Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

A critique of the idea of the balance of nature and its use as a metaphor for the perfect system, as exemplified in the 1967 poem ‘All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace’ by Richard Brautigan. Also explored by film maker Adam Curtis in the documentary of the same name.

Recorded February to April 2021 in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

Digital Album

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Oppenheimer MkII -  Out In The Field

Oppenheimer MkII is Andy Oppenheimer, singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of the ground breaking 1980s synth duo Oppenheimer Analysis and Mahk Rumbae, electronic musician & producer known for his work with Mitra Mitra and the notable UK industrial / experimental band Konstruktivists. Together as Oppenheimer MkII, they have been producing the most dynamic & addictive synth of the last decade.

7″ / Digital Album

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Accidental Business

We’re proud to present Accidental Business, a long-term project strewn with pitfalls and disillusions nodding to the incongruous events that led to the birth of Unknown Precept. Looking back at what made our trademark for the past 8 years, this new compilation marks a turning point in our discography.

Scanning out the dustiest corners of the label’s bizarre roster to offer a complete look at Unknown Precept’s soul and vision; it brings together 18 tracks of unreleased material and collaborations recorded by our closest friends. From slow-paced post-punk hitting hard as bricks to short-circuited noise that makes the power supply trip, not to mention our love for the grotesque and self-mockery via humorous wonky synthpunk and bad tempered body music cracking jokes at a ghost audience. This is what you get when a group of people that have no clue what they’re doing get together. Into the unknown we sink, but where to find us next?

Cassette / Digital Album

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Vision Video - Inked In Red

Here’s the debut LP from Athens, Georgia based goth-pop band Vision Video.

LP / Digital Album

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Human Figures - Footsteps

An album of intricate minimal wave/post punk from Daniel Holt’s new project Human Figures.

You may know Holt as the head of Ardetha Records, but he also has an impressive resume of experimental synth and ambient projects, such as synth duo Vault, and the mind-melting techno 12″ for L.I.E.S. Records and Frigio records under his own name.

Human Figures is a completely new and personal avenue of expression for Holt. “Footsteps” is liminal, lonely and misty with negative space between each instrument. Each note invokes a warm hypnagogic atmosphere, tinged with fluttering anxiety.

Through these eight tracks, this multifaceted musician shows another side of his art with guitars, basslines and drum machines. The mournful “Lifted Burden”, with its cowbells and echoing vocals swaddled in warm strings, sets the tone. Haunting notes are supported by a staccato beat as Holt´s melancholic vocals sail in “40 Days” before the bare brilliance of “An Open Heart.” A spread of influences is drawn on for Human Figures: the post-punk rawness of “For My Angel”, the synth romance of “Footsteps” the cold reductions of “Passing Beyond Body.” Sombre, stirring and superb.

FFO of the minimal vibes of records like Solid Space “Space Museum”, Dark Day “Exterminating Angel”, The League Of Nations “Music For The New Depression”, Lives of Angels “Elevator To Eden”.

LP / Digital Album

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