Diesein - Even the best are the worst

Even the Best are the worst, is the second album of Diesein, the solo music project of Laslo from Sixth June. Including 10 new tracks, and a physical release in the shape of a limited edition art release.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Rüe Morgue 131 - Los Crímenes del Siglo

“Los Crímenes del Siglo” proves to be a concept album based on human exacerbation and its development in the modern world, such as consumerism, power struggles, killings and other exaggerated behaviors aligned with sin, selfishness and infamy.

CD / Digital Album

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Delos - Wonderland

Delos is back with this unreleased rebuilt of the Wonderland album, this album concentrates from cybernetic synthpunk to the most experimental minimal synth.

12″ / Digital Album

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Compilation D

Featuring 27 tracks from 27 different artists–a blast from Cut Surface’s.


2 x CD / Digital Album

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Ultra Sunn - Body Electric

Ultra Sunn is a coldwave / EBM duo based in Brussels.

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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