Karl Kave - Traurig schauen die Berge

Traurig schauen die Berge” combines a homerecording sound with sureal lyrics that reflect living in rural Switzerland. Diving into a odd walk of inner repetitions.

A friend called it Föhn Wave. A strangely warm Wind from the Alps. There are tales and studies about the Föhn driving people mad. Inducing headaches at least. Where I live is plenty of föhn.

I tried to get into a coherent world of phonetical thinking. All decorated by two neglected consumer class synths. The Yamaha TQ5, that looks like a telephone answering machine and the Korg DW6000, the last cheap analog polysynth from back in the days.

LP / Digital Album

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Raderkraft - Politiestaat​?​!

Raderkraft takes you on an introspective journey to the darkest corners of the human mind with his 4th release called “Politiestaat?!”

The icy synthesizers, hypnotic rhythms and piercing vocals weave a story with the central themes of fear, misunderstanding and rejection.

Raderkraft brings his signature sound, a unique mix of raw energy and refined minimalism, back to life. This time only up-tempo songs, partly in Dutch and also including a remix plus a French cover. It also -finally- marks the release of the crowd favorite “De Witte Streep” (in remastered version) on vinyl!

The lavish lyrics reflect a sense of rejection in an indifferent polarizing society. This mini album will make you think, feel and finally realize that we live in turbulent times

12″ / Digital Album

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2023 retrospective from Dais Records.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Krinator - Neuf tubes st​é​r​é​o

Solo trash-pop project from Amiens, France.

LP / Digital Album

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Salem Trials - Art Is Over 4 Melody

Salem Trials started life in the northern, industrial, town of Bradford in 1987. They recorded lots of songs but did very little… until they broke up in 1991 after leaving a collection of self produced cassettes (now all available on CDR – plug plug!). In 2018 the band reformed with the intention of still doing very little… except record all the lost and new songs they’ve written over the years. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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