Post​-​Punk 2021

Featuring 15 different artists, here’s the latest compilation of Artoffact Records, a label from Toronto, Canada.

Digital Album [free download]

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Dataman - Deleterious Methods

Here’s the latest release from Dataman, a minimal electronic artist from Thessaloniki, Greece.

10″ EP / Digital Album

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Karl Kave - Leg di bitte a

Karl Kave makes his appearance on Lux Rec for their first release in 7” format. Four terse tracks influenced by his past experiences, high and low as they come, life events and tumultuous thoughts. The result is something of a sombre nostalgia for all that is not there anymore. Coming from Rheintal, a valley on the eastern part of Switzerland, he uses English, German and his native Swiss dialect to sing. Dive into it, meet sadness.

7″ / Digital Album

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Crime of Passing - Off My Shoulder / Vision Talk

Crime of Passing is a post-punk / cold wave band from Cincinnati, USA.

Digital Album

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Mme Psychosis - BSV

Active only in the dark & based in Vienna, Mme Psychosis (short: MP) can be caught in the evenings letting out the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that hunt her during the day. In MP’s music world, the beat is your guide and your drive, the synths melt all over you, the vocals resonate to then turn distant. The uncanny. MP wants one thing. One thing only. To gradually build her music into your veins, have your blood pump to her rhythms and, ultimately, to have you see the light. The light of The Seventh Reduced – her Cult in the making.

BSV (or Beats.Synths.Vocals) is an expression of three biggest musical lovers of MP: strong vibrant rhythms, disturbing & sweet synths, and melodic but dissonant vocals. BSV is an extension of BEATS – a set of seven heavy tom tracks and rhythms that wake you the f*** up (Atom Urlaub, 2020). Attention! For a full experience, listen to BSV best on a gear that can handle some good old bass.

Cassette / Digital Album

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