Blakk Harbor - Petite Mort

Blakk Harbor dives deeper into his homeland roots with this EBM-influenced EP drawing imagery from driving around the notorious dark industrial port of Pireus in the heart of Athens. Petite Mort, literally translated as a “little death”, is a brief loss of self-consciousness and in modern slang refers specifically to “the sensation of post orgasm as likened to death”.

Steel-tipped Electro beats and clenched metallic snares lead the way to raging, distorted, EBM-influenced basslines through commanding night-vision drone textures, in arrangements ready to explore the borders between death and lust.

Digital Album

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Terror Bird - Human Culture

Terror Bird is a Vancouver musician that came from the depths of hell to write dark love songs and other oddities.

LP / Digital Album

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Credit 00 - Protest Love Songs

Credit 00 returns to Pinkman with his trademark odd-beat electro chants. While each track tells a different story, what persists throughout the EP is the streetpunk attitude and nonconformity of the king of rats. His ‘Protest Love Songs’ bows to no shiny idol, and sweeping the ashes of utopia tames the apocalypse with no fear.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Unidentified Man - T​.​V​.​H​.​A.

Unidentified Man is an analog synth project active since 2013 from somewhere in Belgium.

T.V.H.A. stands for ”Triomftocht Van Het Amateurisme”.

Digital Album

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Karl Kave - Lieber Vorwärts

I spent a big part of my short life with guitars, pedals, synths, drummachines and melancholy. As Karl Kave I feel free to expose my music. As Karl Kave I don’t need to give a shit. Whenever it is possible, the first take is the last. I’m sure there’s some truth in this.

Digital Album

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