Maletas Vacias - Bit​​​á​​​cora Inc​​​ó​​​gnita

Maletas Vacías is a band from Chile, from the south west area of ​​Santiago. The band was born in 2022. The band’s style is difficult to define since it mixes sounds of all kinds but always with the goth tinge.

Digital Album

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Fiero - Pulse Seductor

Fiero—the Colombian born, Бишкек-based artist—returns to SYNTHICIDE for his second EP, “Pulse Seductor.” The release will take you back in time, right into the thick of Belgium’s intoxicating mid-to-late 1980s new beat scene. “Wild Desire,” a mighty dance track (akin to the likes of “Acid Rock”’s anthemic melody), delivers punchy snares and a juicy, persistent bassline. While using the iconic “cocaine” sample, Fiero turns up the intensity with “Inhale.” Its rhythm swings and thuds towards the acidic breakdown—this is a track for peak club moments.

The only real difference between Fiero’s productions and the new beat sounds of the 1980s is the use of powerful, hammering kicks that underline the ferocity of his tracks. And “Queen of the Nile” is just that. It utilizes the classic new beat formula with vocal oohs and memorable samples—“You’ll be my slave”—as the accents whip the listener into submission. Finally, “Catching a Bid!” harkens back to the excitement of the Boccaccio dance floor with its daunting kick and overlying metallic bassline. Darlos Zeill’s remix of “Queen of the Nile” reinterprets the track into an EBM-fueled melodic rampage with acid-tinged elements. “Pulse Seductor” fits easily alongside the most evocative of Morton Sherman Bellucci hits—slick and cool, it is a true homage to the vibrant and short-lived scene.

Digital Album

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Celldöd - Pandoras Ask

Celldöd, the emperor of Swedish Electronic Body Music, is back on Electronic Emergencies with Pandoras Ask, an immersive 4-track EP. When Pandora opens her box, she completely loses control. Aggressive industrial beats, distorted emotional lyrics and heavy synths are catapulted into the universe. A wall of sounds fills the room and your heart immediately, forcing you to dance. Pure chilling Nordic EBM with a sprinkle of acid and electro.

12″ / Digital Album

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Enzo Kreft - XL

In 2023 it will be exactly 40 years since Enzo Kreft saw the light of day. In 1983, the then 22-year-old Eric Vandamme came up with the name Enzo Kreft and that same year he released his first album on cassette, “Me Is!”, in genuine DIY style, recorded at home with minimal resources. The obscure “Me Is!” ended up in London via underground channels and eventually spread through collectors to all corners of the world. The following year there was a second album “Cicatrice” and then Enzo Kreft went into a long hibernation. However, Eric Vandamme did not sit still, he was part of a number of bands in that interim period and he had musical projects with some good friends. He was also visually active with drawing, painting, sculpting, etching, screen printing and video.

Around 2011, Enzo Kreft slowly started to wake up from his hibernation and some new tracks were in the pipeline. In 2016, Kreft made a definitive restart. The release of “Dark Matter,” the vinyl album released by Walhalla Records featuring tracks from “Me Is!” and “Cicatrice”, fueled the “craving” and at the end of 2016 Enzo Kreft released “Turning Point”. Then things went fast, new albums followed each other (“Wasteland” in 2017, “Control” in 2019, “Different World” in 2021 and “Shelter” in 2023), all in his typical DIY style. Everything involved in the creation of albums, including production and artwork, is consistently done in-house. Lyrics full of social criticism are combined with often dark, but danceable and melodic electro. Enzo Kreft has performed successfully a number of times with not unnoticed shows, accompanied by breathtaking video projections.

40 years of Enzo Kreft, reason enough for a party! For this special occasion, the compilation album “XL” (40 in Roman numerals) is released.

LP / Digital Album

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Cosmic Roulette - My Love Is Electronic

Solo minimal synth project from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

7″ / Digital Album

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