SenkWaves - A Senkrecht Compilation Vol. 2

Nearly one year after our successful first compilation cassette, here is the second part. 10 bands from 7 countries, from Europe and America. Like in the case of the first edition, we collected songs that were previously unreleased or released online/digital only, now it’s the first time in physical format.

This time the selection is more on the electronic side of dark alternative underground music, some of the best acts from the international minimal synth / darkwave / coldwave / wave body music community.

We have previously unreleased songs from the Dutch Adam Tristar, the French Hammershøi, the Croatian Neon Lies and the Hungarian Fearful Ski Brothers and Hadron Lundgren, as well as previously online only tracks by the French Sydney Valette, the German NNHMN, the Greek Kalte Nacht, the American Kline Coma Xero and the Dutch Zahlensender. 40 minutes of electronic wave pleasures.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Tilly Electronics - Tillycious

Glitter Wave. Electronic music project.

Tilly Electronics are Anyone and Anybody.

LP / Digital Album

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Sam Lowry - Montagna dell’Ago

Bulgarian experimental electronica from China.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Delacave - Every Night is a Moon Rising

Delacave started making music in a very intimate space, a bedroom, discovering and gathering all the necessary imagination for their slow gestation to initiate Gloomy Wave.

In this fourth album, Liliane Chansard and Seb Normal intermingle their melodies even more, their harmonies sound and dissonance, and their voices adjust. Feverishness becomes strength. The different elements are linked in a blurred gap between coloured impressionism and black baroque.

They take us on a journey through the great nowhere on disparate grounds where the efforts that cannot be avoided are never in vain. The strength of lack, the wisdom of emptiness and loss, and the intensity of friendships and discoveries never perish and are always renewed.

LP / Digital Album

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French Police - Bleu

New wave / post-punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

Digital Album

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