Karl Kave & Durian - Untergang und Finsternis

Great collaboration between our fave Swiss New Wave heroes. Dreamy synths, dreamy lyrics, dreamy people.

LP / Digital Album

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Matiajka - Desolated Statues In Feumia

Awesome debut album from this mysterious synthwave project from Kuwait.

LP / Digital Album

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The Final Sound - Dimensions

One of the most prominent acts of this year, resizes as the album “Dimensions” says not to the idea that the new wave cannot be well fused, this time it has an interesting variant where we have 3 Latin Americans living in North America, they are give us a album with 80s, 90s overtones bringing to mind Fixx, The Chameleons and even Tears for Fears both for the instrumentalization and for the versatile voice of its singer.

12″ / Digital Album

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Nunca Nada - Discordia

Minimalist post punk band from two ex-members of Antiguo Régimen completed with the recruitment of one member from the deep and lisergic pop band Tercer Sol.

Nunca Nada has a strange, profound but austere sound. As a trio the band permits itself to emphasize both the void and the intense with disarmingly simple lyrics that are vacant of decoration.

Make-up and style become inauthentic when looked at in the mirror of frustration, a confrontation where silence is not an option. The day to day truth, unavoidable by its own nature, is spit out and proclaimed: everything is lost, there is no possibility for a positive outcome.

Reminiscent of post-punk/new wave bands like Glorious Din, Chameleons, Wire or Wipers.

LP / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge - Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

A critique of the idea of the balance of nature and its use as a metaphor for the perfect system, as exemplified in the 1967 poem ‘All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace’ by Richard Brautigan. Also explored by film maker Adam Curtis in the documentary of the same name.

Recorded February to April 2021 in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

Digital Album

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