Notausgang - There is no tomorrow

Notausgang loves synths and noisy music.



Digital Album

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Detriti Compilation N​​.​​2

Finally on vinyl this iconic “Eastern Europe post-punk” compilation* from 2018.

LP / Digital Album

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Hammershøi - Cathédrales

Hammershøi is a French Synth duo born out of confinement and human-machine communication. Their musical style is based on music from the 80’s (Minimal Synth, EBM, French Wave, Synth Wave) and some artistic influences such as German expressionism, word art, and painting.

CD / Digital Album

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Vomito Negro - Entitled

Vomito Negro is the mythical EBM-industrial act formed in Belgium in 1983. The band has a vast discography that started with a self-titled EP in 1985 and continued with diverse releases on renowned labels like KK Records, Antler-Subway and more recently on Out of Line and Scanner.

Vomito Negro’s musical approach, essentially based on the European “Industrialist” tradition, takes a different angle on every record with synthesized psychodramas that range from danceable to contemplative, from instrumental and ambient to voice-ridden and brutal.

The new album “Entitled” was created with unreleased tracks from the early 80’s. All songs were re-arranged and re-recorded with the use of original vintage hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.

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Cirque D'Ess - Black Synthetic and Dense

“Black Synthetic And Dense” is an immersion into a deep and dark world of atmospheric and evocative sounds. Taking inspiration by a wide range of music styles including Darkwave, Shoegaze, EBM, Techno and Drone, this album contains songs with intense basses, dreamy dark guitars, dance floor rhythms, layered and wide synths, weird industrial objects and huge reverbs. From mysterious whispers to harsh screams passing through experimental and unusual melodic vocal lines, every song is about real and strange life experiences in allegorical and expressionist way.

Despite every song has its own peculiar story, them are all chained by a common and constant “fil rouge” that makes this album sound organic and flowing. Under a black hood, driven by liturgical images and sustained by dance floor sounds… this is “Ritualwave”.

CD / Digital Album

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