Gris Futuro / Mauvaise Fin - Intercontinental

Gris Futuro is a minimal synth / synth-pop duo based in Mexico City.

Mauvaise Fin is solo minimal electro project from Augsburg, Germany.

LP / Digital Album

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Dellarge - Regimen Galactico Totalitario

This EP goes directly to the inferno dance floor, with 6 tracks that will blow your mind. Oraculo Records specialized on genres such as Dark Wave, Electro, Cold Wave & EBM presents REGIMEN GALACTICO TOTALITARIO by Dellarge.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Desinteresse - Ik Wil Dood Als Ik Het Vergeet

Desinteresse is a cold-wave act from Limburg, The Netherlands. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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Black Leather Turbo Menace - Carcosa, Mon Amour

Black Leather Turbo Menace is an annoying guy from Detroit, Michigan.

Digital Album

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Plague Pits - Creatures

Plague Pits is a collective from Bern, Switzerland. Inspired by the D.I.Y. electronic tape underground of yore, they play disco dirges for the Anthropocene – cold wave for a heating planet.

Cassette / Digital Album

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