Hyboid - Sequencing the Apocalypse

Somewhere in Berlin during a cold and foggy winter: Hyboid is recording his album “Sequencing the Apocalypse” directly to a 2-track recorder, using analog synthesizers and a couple of old effects units. Raw and no-frills. Influenced by the great French and German pioneers of the 70s, this is a soundtrack for dystopian minds in dystopian times!

LP / Digital Album

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Los Tarzanillos - Todo lo que quieras + Lo mejor de lo peor

Los Tarzanillos is a garage / post-punk band from Barcelona, Spain.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Bipolar Sounds 2021

Compilations of songs from albums released in 2021 by Manic Depression Records.

Digital Album [free download]

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Carlo Onda - Sturm + Drang

Carlo Onda (aka Karl Cave) is a solo darkwave project from Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

LP / Digital Album

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Conformco - Controlled.Altered.Deleted

CONFORMCO, not trading on NASDAQ as (CNFCO), is led by the innovative investors of CEO Sean Payne, the venture capitalist behind industrial corporations Cyanotic and Vampyre Anvil and Chairman Chris Harris whose firm, project .44, was acquired by Invisible Records in the early ’00s; but after an internal insurrection was returned to its rightful owners after several years of corporate ownership. [Discogs]

12″ / Digital Album

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