Lieder, die kein Label wollte

A compilation of minimal-synth / new wave music.

S/Sided LP / Digital Album

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Dada Pogrom - Kolophonium

Kolphonium is a material used for musical instruments and electronics. Kolophonium, to temper strings and cause solder to flow. Here is a collection of music published in 2015 on vinyl and cassette in tribute to this wonder material. The download version has two extra bonus songs that are not on the vinyl. All of this music was produced in our analogue studio in Reykjavík.

LP / Digital Album

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Swedish Radar Controll

This compilation is featuring a mix of minimal, darkwave, new wave, synthpop and synthwave from 12 Swedish artists.


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die Automne - Hiding In The Disco

Darkwave electro from Stockholm, a new project by Joel M, member of Sourire Duchenne.


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Mojo Beatnik

Solo project from Fukuoka, Japan. Making “Mutant Wave” music, combining minimal synth, coldwave with ’50s/‘60s primitive and obscure R’n’R sounds using vintage KORG synths and drum machine.


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