Mängelexemplar - Auf Und Davon

The Synth Wave Duo MangelExemplar ‘from Düsseldorf was founded in 2011. The music is influenced by the New Wave of the early 80s: analogue and melodious synth sounds paired with an authentic vocals typical of this genre.


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Konstantin Unwohl ‎- Ich Würd Lieber Nicht

Here’s the latest single from Konstantin Unwohl, a solo minimal electronic project from Hamburg, Germany.

7″ / Digital Album

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Equinoxious - Límite Voltaico

Rogelio Serrano has spent most of his time in an mastery exercise over analog electronics, voltage controlled connections and sound design through subtractive synthesis in the last five years, since the consolidation of his project.

Limite Voltaico is a disinterested album of the benefits and weaknesses offered by today’s times virtual technologies (digital synthesizers, and virtual synthesizers) . It’s an immediate contact with the early 80s minimal electronics / minimal synth sounds, a more strong facet in accordance with the musical influences of the Mexican.

In collaboration with the well know and multifaceted minimal synth artist :Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscur) vocals on -Bakta- and the Brazilian singer: Juliana R. (Anvil Fx) on -Eclosão-.


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Silent Signals ‎- Infiltration Of Love

Here’s the latest release from Silent Signals, a minimal / coldsynth project from Dortmund, Germany.


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Monster Apparat- Apparat


Bonnasynth lost’n found – Written as a track to finish off our livesets back 2009. We all agreed that this was a lifetrack only. We promised that it should be included in every future gig but it should never be released. But here is so, so much for that promise, I guess we just changed our minds! Here is a brand new version of the track.

Captain of Mars – We wanted to use voices from toys, and so we did. You can hear a German speaking toy robot we got from “Der Debile Rest” on a gig in Germany, a swedish learn to spell toy called “Video Technology Lesson One” found a flee market. You can also hear Johan and Mathias laughing in the background while recordig them!

Eternal Cabaret’s – Made as a surprise for a liveshow celebrating a record shops birthday. It’s about the joy of getting older when your life is your show.

Humans – This is a pure disco track, perfect to make robotic dance moves to! Very 80′s, very present and still very futuristic. For some reason it took like forever to record!

Shiny new dancing shoes – There was an original and more simple version of this made in 2010. This is the very true story about Johan as a young boy, getting a pair of new shoes to wear at his first disco. So, did he get the girl of this dreams? No, he didn’t!

Tricky Ricky – The original version of this track is from 2010, written just days before a gig in Berlin. We didn’t have any lyrics for it but Daniel promised to improvise. A few hours before the gig Daniel came out from the shower with the biggest smile on his face. The soap in the hotel shower was called Tricky Ricky. The rest is history.

Limited to 250 numbered copies. Every copy comes with unique hand stenciled sleeve and an info sheet.

Listen here and order here.

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