Dancing Strangers

Dancing Strangers, a post punk duo from Tijuana (Mexico), made up by Richard Rex and Eric Curiel. In late 2009, they began recording their first demo and shortly after in 2010 they recorded their follow up E.P. “POWER SEX CORRUPTION” and in 2014 they recorded their second E.P. “LOST IN LUST” under the PRIMA CRUSH label. Throughout the years the band has opened for many important acts like Peter Hook and the Light, Thieves like Us, Chrome, She Past Away and many more just to name a few. After a four year hiatus the band returned to write their first full length album (self titled), recorded in the city of Ensenada under the production of the band with The Obsolete (Lorelle Meets The Obsolete) as engineer and Lorena Quitanilla in guest vocals.

LP / Digital Album

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Zeroset - Act & Monument

Art-damaged, Art-conscious, High- tech, Dark tech, Avant Brutalist Euro Disco.

Based in East London and formed in 2018 by Ex Noi Kabat drummer Jonas Ranson & vocalist Laura Locke, Zeroset take influence from Neue Deutsche Welle, Cabaret Noir, EBM and the cold oblique melodies and teutonic rhythms of early futurist bands Tuxedomoon, Associates, Ultravox & Visage.

CD / Digital Album

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Sophie Du Palais - Endurance Of Pain Is The Power Of Being

One of the bright talent emerging from the current Netherlands‘ electronic underground scene is the German and Amsterdam-based, ‘fetish-inclined’, vocalist and performer Sophie du Palais ((Pinkman, Dekmantel Recordings)) also known as “Vrouwe Fataal”. She presents debut solo LP ‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’.

Sinister industrial wave music exploring themes of lust, hedonism, technological obsession & millennial alienation.

Across six tracks, Du Palais unravels a potent signature, driven by fierce, imperious Anglo-Germanic vocals and eclectic, dissonant sounds. Connecting techno, EBM, acid and electro with vestiges of dub and experimental electronics, on ‘Endurance of Pain…’ Du Palais conjures an abrasive, intoxicating depiction of lust, hedonism, technological obsession and millennial alienation.

LP / Digital Album

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Mode In Gliany - Der Sturm

Between cold wave, minimal synth and post punk, electronic and something else, Mode in gliany is the project of Boris Völt from Brittany, France.

Digital Album

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Restive Plaggona - Self-titled

Fleisch welcomes Restive Plaggona into the fold with eight tracks of rhythmic tension and raw industrial elegance, replete with an atmosphere of the ominous drama that makes this Greek producer’s sound unmistakably his own.

LP / Digital Album

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