Oliver Decrow - I Close My Eyes

Oliver Decrow’s music thrives on bass-driven synths. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Beta Evers, Boan, Boy Harsher, Buzz Kull, Joy Division, and The Cure, he creates tracks with minimal and carefully selected sounds combined with poetic vocals. Deep basslines, looping synthesizer sounds, and 80s drum machine samples converge to create an immersive sonic experience.

Oliver Decrow has released music on renowned labels, including I’m a Cliché and his own label, G50 Records. He has also been featured on the esteemed Cold Transmission label. In addition to his solo work, he actively participates in band projects such as Klassenfeind and The Node. During his live performances, Oliver Decrow passionately delivers his vocals while playing keys, infusing his shows with energy and authenticity. [Soundcloud]

Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge - New English Pastoral

Solo minimal synth project from London, UK.

Digital Album [free download]

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Ana Laura Aláez & Ascii.Disko - Roma

Minimal / techno / EBM duo from Inca, Spain.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Morwan - Svitaye, Palaye

‘Svitaye, Palaye’ is the third album from the Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk project, Morwan. The album was supposed to be the logical continuation of the previous album ‘Zola-Zemlya’, which was released in 2020.

Initially, when conceiving the album in 2021, it was intended to be lighter, melancholic and somewhat danceable while maintaining the basic sonic style and aesthetics of the previous albums.

However, the Russian invasion in Ukraine slowed down the work and made serious changes to the general idea of the album. The main theme of the album is the war. There are no specific stories or descriptions of the events of the war. It’s more of an abstract and emotional thing. First impressions, moods or emotions experienced during certain events. Pain of loss, sadness, fear, hatred, anger, and aggression are all part of ‘Svitaye, Palaye’.

LP / Digital Album

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An-i - Rabble

Cititrax proudly presents a highly anticipated 12” from An-i, the musical moniker for Berlin-based Korean American Doug Lee. Doug has been DJing and producing records for two decades under various aliases and collaborations. The ‘Rabble’ EP will be the third release for An-i, and the first one since Gutz in 2015. The return of An-i has found him in even more brazen territory than on previous releases. He moves between musicality and chaos while remaining intriguing throughout – a testament to his uniqueness and integrity. The opener, ‘Rabble’, tonally crude and menacing, backed with a relentless primitive machine rhythm and a psychotic vocal parodying mob mentality, points at the absurdity of take-down culture. ‘Rubble’ follows, a mighty stripped-down instrumental dub. The flip, ‘Chapel Perilous’, is a wandering spaced-out journey into the psyche. It reflects on loss and ultimately freedom from one’s ego identity, meandering an uncertain path that results in a spiritual epiphany. “When I am nothing, everything is me”…

An-i’s Rabble EP will be pressed on 160-gram fluorescent green vinyl and housed in a high gloss black and white sleeve featuring ink brush painting by the artist. The release date is July 15th, 2023. An-i will also perform a rare live set that evening at the Minimal Wave 18 Years Event in NYC. More info on that to follow. Pre-order Ani’s ‘Rabble’ EP now.

12″ EP

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