Sexo y Fantasia - Oneirotic

Macadam Mambo launches another special LP to end the 2022 season, presenting the debut album of this Belgo-Italian aural freak show called « Sexo Y Fantasia ». A delicious record full of sun by aspect, dreamy, dubby and balearic in the tone, flavored and contrasted with little bits of darkness and tension in the background. As the name suggests it, the sexiness is in every note, the erotic male voice is floating all over it, surfing on waves of endless reverb and delay. Throughout being anchored with clear hints from the 80ties and 90ties, this 35 minutes oeuvre still keeps full modernity in its form. DJ-friendly, it’s also an excellent overall listening experience to enjoy from beginning to end while sipping a fancy cocktail somewhere out in a cosmic dreamland.

Don’t miss this joint, it might be one of the highlights of the year.

LP / Digital Album

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Misfortunes - Brilliant Endings

The word cold gets used a lot when we speak about TONN Recordings’ synth, so it’s a rare thing to come across something in this music that evokes a warmer tone. But it’s that quality of warmth that has become the hallmark of Misfortunes’ sound. A synth that is rich, with a rhythmic undercurrent, always poised and poetic and a voice that is never more beautiful than in its native Greek.

LP / Digital Album

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L​.​F​.​T. - Salz

Mannequin Records is elated to introduce you a brand new album by Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. (Love, Fist, Tears) – one of the hottest electro/wave names around the globe.

The Hamburg-based producer is obviously one of the resident artists at Golden Pudel Club, being blessed by a collaborative friendship with the mighty Helena Hauff (go check their b2b on Hör radio for the definitive Electro music set), and also running also the label ‘Neoprimitive’ with Lukas, focusing mostly on experimental music.

Pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic with an extensive use of lo-fi technology, over compressed drum machines and tapes, over the last two years L.F.T. has released several records on different labels like Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder and Elena Colombi’s Osaré Editions

Endorsing a distinctive contemporary sound, ‘Salz’ is moving forward to an highly authentic mixture of electro and synthwave, with a lo-fi analog power blended all over his tracks, somewhere between Liaisons Dangereuses, I-F and Bakterielle Infektion, bringing us back – and fresh as never before – the amazing early days of CBS Radio – now Intergalactic Fm.

LP / Digital Album

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Lowfish & Solvent - Suction001

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Suction Records, the Toronto-based electro/IDM label founded in 1997 by two emerging producers, Lowfish (aka Gregory De Rocher) and Solvent (aka Jason Amm), the latter still overseeing the label to this day. The label’s inaugural release was a split Lowfish/Solvent 12”, marking both artists’ debut vinyl appearance.

Gregory and Jason had known each other since high-school, but a deeper friendship was forged during their university years, after Gregory introduced Jason to early Rephlex releases by Aphex Twin and µ-Ziq. Gregory had been making electronic music in his bedroom for more than a decade, but it was those Rephlex releases that ignited Jason’s passion to do the same. After several years of obsessive gear buying, music making, and playing tracks for each other, Lowfish and Solvent had hit their stride, and their demos even attracted the interest of legendary early IDM labels labels Skam (for Lowfish), and Isophlux (for Solvent). But things were slow-moving in those days — letters, faxes, phone calls… nothing was panning out. So that’s when they decided to start their own label, and put out 300 copies of this 12”, suction001.

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Nam's - Chaos

Naamal M’bae aka Nam’s is next on Lux Rec, namely, number 49. The young musician is all dark and desperation, fast, angry and on point. Song titles are quite explicative of the mood one will swirl into. A 7” with an extremely fresh take on all the things we like. Bitter frustration. Spiralling down into chaos.

7″ / Digital Album

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