Joao is a solo post-punk project from Peru.

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TVAM - High Art Lite

TVAM returns aboard a Starline tourbus, peeping through the privets and leering over the fences of the rich and famous with a suspicious, cynical eye. High Art Lite is his first long-player for Invada Records.

The vinyl comes housed in a heavyweight spined sleeve with double sided printed insert and digital download card included.

TVAM self-released his much-acclaimed debut Psychic Data in the autumn of 2018, something of a cult-classic, the album joined the dots between Suicide’s deconstructed rock ’n’ roll, Boards of Canada’s irresistible nostalgia and My Bloody Valentine’s infinite noise. Psychic Data spawned an ‘Album Of The Day’ and two daytime playlists at BBC 6Music whilst signature tune ‘PORSCHE MAJEURE’ featured in HBO’s smash-hit ‘Succession’.

Featuring 11 brand new tracks inc. ‘Double Lucifer’, ‘Piz Buin’ and ‘Semantics’, High Art Lite takes a different tilt to its predecessor by emphasising the immediate and the personal. The colours are blown-out and the brightness is cranked up. TVAM’s take on such things as role models, fictional movie character tropes, and fables of good and evil, are all tackled with the same suspicious cynicism but this time with an urgent belief in the human condition.

A heady mix of Black Mirror’s modern fables, JG Ballard’s gated communities of sun-drenched wealth, and Mulholland Drive’s boulevard of broken daydreams, High Art Lite offers an all-inclusive package of redemption.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes – the pop music sweet spot – High Art Lite treads a beguiling line between blissful harmonies, crunching noise pop and childlike innocence . The album is both visceral and melancholic, drifting wonderfully across dream pop, shoegaze and synth-pop without ever permanently calling one camp its home.

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HøRD - Sciences

Arctic synth pads, ghostly reverbs and urban spleen, Hørd’s music flirts with a gothic/darkwave aesthetic in a forward- thinking way. With elements of post-punk, EBM, shoegaze and techno to create haunting soundscapes, sometimes beat-driven, sometimes more contemplative.

Hørd has brought its foggy atmospheres on stage from Italy to Russia, as well as releasing music on highly regarded imprints.

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Marco Van Basten & The Castles - The Castles

Marco Van Basten met the revolving cast of musicians known as The Castles in Berlin in 2022, and together they set his music afloat across an entirely new ocean. On their own, The Castles have been pursuing a diverse range of music and dramas in the city for years, and Marco—nearly named for the Dutch footballer who scored a famous goal in the week of his birth—has been making music in Dublin and Berlin for a decade.

Now, what started as a playful handful of demos has transformed into the debut 3-track release The Castles on the Italian label She Lost Kontrol. Marco Van Basten and The Castles pair ethereal, evocative vocals with haunting, heavy synth music that reverberates in the mind long after the final notes dissipate to dust.

Performed live, the music conveys an additional intensity with the musicianship of the performers given room to breathe. However, this intensity means the group must be selective with their performances, with the release party for The Castles taking place on October 20th at the ever-intimate Kantine am Berghain.

Digital Album

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Roberto Auser / Melting Dogmas

This two sided split record between Roberto Auser and Melting Dogmas is a showcase of two sides of contemporary elektro… on one side there is the music of electro veteran Roberto Auser… his modular synth sounds are minimal electronics and 80’s inspired… but these two tracks are a bit different then the beat driven music he released mostly these past few years… despite his recognizable sound these two tracks deliver something new to his repertoire… less beat driven but still very much rhythmic… some industrial and pulsating sounds keep these tracks going and even suitable for the dancefloor late at night or early in the morning… I wish for more of this from Herr Auser!

Melting Dogmas is 4Cantons together with Numèric… if you are familiar with the debut EP by 4Cantons then you will recognize his dark elektro sound… but these two debut tracks of Melting Dogmas are a bit more complex… without losing their club minded attitude… the sounds of Melting Dogmas is idm driven with elektro and techno elements all there in a perfect mix and maybe even making these tracks punchier as the music by 4Cantons… and at the same time also a bit more daring… the structure is less straight forward with a good balance between building up the tension and full out beat parts… just like 4Cantons I cannot recommend enough to keep an eye out for Melting Dogmas… it is very hopeful to have musicians like this around with such good and daring sounds…


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