Andi + Machino - Parafernales

The collaborative bi-coastal project between Andi (NYC) and Machino (LA) is dark, spiraling music that conflates the tension of running EBM basslines with the monstrosity of electro-saturated, industrialized beats. In 2021, Andi and Machino began sending music back and forth to each other virtually—thousands of miles apart—as they built upon their passion for creating off-the-cuff, dangerously degenerate dance tracks.

Parafernales, their first release out this summer on Mannequin, is a conceptual EP that deals with power struggles: love and lust, strength and destruction, dominating and domination. Andi’s vocals are spoken, whispered, and yelled simultaneously, as if to mirror the mania of having control and losing it at the same time. The EP title, Parafernales, is a nod to Machino’s first language of Spanish and stems from the idea of miscellany: it is parafernalia for drugs, or, simply, accessories for unsavory activities. With inspirations from turn-of-the-90s erotic thrillers to the Chilean post-punk band, Los Prisioneros, the duo collide in a manner that is unadulterated and, at times, completely unhinged.

Machino is an electronic performer and music producer from Mexico based in Los Angeles who started out making moody ambient, techno and has now pivoted towards industrial music. He has released several EPs on different labels such as Tresor and X-IMG. Andi is a DJ, producer and music journalist based in NYC. She runs the nine year strong label/party SYNTHICIDE.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Pink Opake - Mat​é​ria

Pink Opake is pleased to announce the release of their new album “Matéria”. Drawing influences from post punk, coldwave, and minimal synth, the record features 8 tracks that embody the band’s distinctive sound.

Formed by Tatiana Meyer on vocals and synths, and Paulo Beto on programming, synths, and guitar, the band brings a unique energy to their compositions. “Matéria” is an album inspired by the love between the members, who are a couple, as well as the wave and dark electronic music with guitars from the 1980s.

CD / Digital Album

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Minimalismo Y Sintetizador

Compilation of rare and weird minimal synth wave.

Digital Album

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SDH - Fake Is Real

Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms is a synthpop / darkwave duo from Barcelona, Spain.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Escuela de Aviación - Fabrica de uniformes

Solo minimal synth project from Spain.

Digital Album

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