Kælan Mikla - Undir Köldum Norðurljósum

Kælan Mikla is a three-piece punk/no-wave band from Reykjavík slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments. The band consists of three girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past two years. The band was formed after winning first place in a poetry slam held by the city library in January 2013. They have since then played multiple festivals as well as just finishing a small europe tour. Kælan Mikla are known for their dark melancholic sound, most of the songs consisting only of heavy bass, drums and screams with some softer, melodic synth parts in-between. The bands lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance. [Discogs]

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Post​-​Punk 2021

Featuring 15 different artists, here’s the latest compilation of Artoffact Records, a label from Toronto, Canada.

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Tunic - Exhaling

Winnipeg is cold. Ice cold. And judging by the the emotional brawn and hardcore might of the three-piece Tunic, it can get very very dark. Winnipeg’s Tunic explores that darkness on the band’s new album Exhaling. Across songs like the title track, “Invalid” and “Fade Out,” the trio of David Schellenberg (Guitar / Vocals), Rory Ellis (Bass) and Dan Unger (Drums) use their visceral art punk approach to explore themes related to coping with the illness of a loved one, the dark side of creativity and dealing with toxic friendships.

“I’m not one to write about situations/emotions that I haven’t lived through,” remarks frontman/guitarist David Schellenberg. “I need that catharsis of screaming about these things over and over again. These are all things that have unfolded in my life and I use Tunic as a coping mechanism.”

Tunic was born of spite in– formed after founder David Schellenberg was told he “wasn’t good enough” for another band leading to a subsequent decision to follow his own path. From there, Tunic sought out a sound inspired by the melodic approaches of Quicksand and Superchunk, venom and heartache in Converge and controlled chaos behind Botch. Since their 2016 debut 7”, Tunic have criss-crossed the globe relentlessly, zigging and zagging as part of more than a dozen jaunts in North America and Europe while logging shows with a varied lot like Ken Mode, Single Mothers and even Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Tunic’s touring bloodlust eventually conjured a debut LP in 2019, Complexion and not surprisingly, the band followed its release with eleven weeks of touring.

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Artoffact Records: 2020 Sampler

With 20 contemporary artists, from doom to death rock, here’s the latest compilation by Artoffact Records, a Canadian record label based in Toronto.

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The Foreign Resort - The Rabbit Hole

The Foreign Resort is a post-punk trio from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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