Autumns - A Life Has No Glory

Arcane and macabre outset for Autumns’ side “A Life Has No Glory”; “Be Desire”s vocal is indeed creepy solemn and sets the mood very vividly.

It continues with 2 with crushingly glacial heavy tunes that captures the Irish artist in constant flux. Ruthless but always occult-oriented; twilight tracks that confirm Autumns’ great traits: eerie industrial visions, with heavily post-punk ascending. Signs his side with “Found It”, frantic incantations erupted by a fierce and inexorable snare; and the composition becomes even epic.

Autumns’ side, sets up a lugubrious environment, a boundless night that will not be long in assuming mystical connotations. A5, is the crowing glory, delivered by Exhausted Modern covering an injected electro remix of “Be Desire”, such a broadening of the stylistic palette of the Prague’s artist. It’s a deep melodic twist which leaving the sceptre of the Todtentanz-danse ritual, destined to unite in a total, almost metaphysical oxymoron.

Digital Album

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Sed Blava - Nit Sublim

Sed Blava is the Barcelona-based solo project of Daniel Boix, well known as Dj.Simplexia or also Ciutat Solitud, his ambient-industrial project.

“Nit Sublim” is his first album as producer and without a doubt, this release is a mind-blowing and genuine composition which at first listen, may evoke the dark sounds from Valencia in the 80′s. But if you dive deeper, you will uncover a trove of intricate details elaborated with Sed’s touch. Ranging from catchy tunes and emotive passages to powerful dance-floor tracks, his vast music background and his long-time membership to the underground music scene should be highlighted. Both of these elements give rise to a broad spectrum of genres and influences in his music, bringing together a timeless mixture of old-school Electronic Body Music, New-Beat, Electro, Synth-Wave and even Ambient.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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SPZkr - Schegge di Vento

Here’s the first release of SPZkr, an old-school Italian post-punk project.

Digital Album

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Qual - Tenebris In Lux

Tenebris In Lux was written during the first covid lockdown, clearly capturing the atmosphere of how I was feeling, a most odd time in all of my life.. the album consumed this strange dystopian dread I felt.

The goal in mind was to also move away from my previous albums I tried ignoring old habits being less songy and more textual journeys of cataclysmic doom. Something I like to call, Cyber Sludge.

This is also the first time i created my own label to release on, welcome: Operation Qual Records.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Nul Telexes - Menhir

Synth, guitar and drum machine music from Liverpool, England.

Digital Album

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