Bound by Endogamy - Walk with a tumored dog

Walk with a tumored dog by Bound by Endogamy is the third and final instalment of the 7” series by Swiss musicians on Lux Rec. To understand this record one needs to spend a morning, after a sleepless night, waking to the junction point in Geneva, where waters meet, leftovers wear their high off and high bridges invite you to make the last jump. One needs to deal with a frustrated environment that only brings out so much anger. One needs to know Kleio and Sam, and their symbiotic take on life.

7″ / Digital Album

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Kurs Valüt - Self-titled

The second album „Kurs Valüt“ is the result of a long work that summarizes difficult stage of life experience inspired by solitude, austerity and extreme mental states. In comparison to the debut album „Veselo“ (2018) it is more melodic and metaphoric. Lyrics can be interpreted differently. Usage of a tube summing mixer during the studio processes adds a warm, non-commercial textured color to the sound of this release.

LP / Digital Album

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Frustration - So Cold Streams

2 unissued tracks from “So cold Streams” album recording session. Limited to 1000 copies released for Disquaire Day 2021.

7″ / Digital Album

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Spinne am Abend - Arbeitstitel

With my debut “Arbeitstitel” (Working title), I simply elevated a collection of demos to an album inspired by the dirty, emancipated recordings of old post-punk and avant-garde artists, which for me only became masterpieces through their imperfection. I found this beauty of flaw in long-lost song scraps of old, often amateurishly recorded, audio tracks that I left almost entirely unedited. Instead of meticulously constructing, I followed my very spontaneous feeling to a chord progression, bassline, or drum loop.

This is why some of the compositions can only be described as anarchistic. Punk, and the deconstructions of its forms, was the path I wanted to take and get lost in. In the end, I always surprised myself.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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One Flesh.Infektion. ‎- Die Realität Ist Ein Gefängnis

A type of Infection continues to spread relentless to two souls,the first symptoms appeared in the streets of Athens in 2020… One Flesh.Infektion. D.I.Y. Dark Techno/EBM duo based in Athens, Greece influenced of Post/Dark Punk, New Beat, Darkwave and Industrial Techno.

Digital Album

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