Poison Point - Poisoned Gloves

Cold wave / synthpop duo from France.

LP / Digital Album

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Credit 00 - Count 8

Following up on his Data Phobia and Beats For The Streets EPs, Credit 00 returns with a mind-bending blend of past, present and future, carefully pieced together in a way that could come from no other. From the mind to the floor, from dark and cold machinefunk to blazed-out sun grooves, Credit 00 leaves no sonic traveller yearning.

12″ / Digital Album

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Mandrake - Bunker 4025

Emotive & gloomy synth-scapes that sound like a score to a movie that never was nor will be. Played and recorded on an Ipad. Analogue mastering by Guy Tavares. Part 1/2.

Digital Album [free download]

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Ernst Leben - Nicht Dein Ernst

Finally it’s here, the new Ernst Leben!

Some people will be disappointed that it’s only a single, but even great heroes started small. We are now presenting the start of a serious era in self-publishing: “Don’t be serious”.

7″ / Digital Album

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Crush Of Souls - (A)Void Love

After relocating from New York to France, Charles Rowell began stuffing his suitcase with various synths and samplers while taking cheap bus rides to bordering countries.

While living out of a hotel in north east Paris, he played his demos for Third Coming Records who quickly released the Bad Trip EP in 2020. Concerts became more frequent after the pandemic, with the release of Spellwound and a few have become infamous with guitars smashed to pieces, broken glasses, unruly audience front flipping onto the stage.

With Paris providing the background and a scene of friends such as avant-garde drag artist Tuna Mess and industrial techno veteran Poison Point who pushed his creativity even further, Crush Of Souls constant spirit is that it remains unpredictable and thrives on collaboration.

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LP / Digital Album

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