Staatseinde - De Nieuwe Golf

The interstellar cosmonauts of Staatseinde create a theatrical mix of pulsing electro with nostalgic hopeful synthlines, all performed live with synthesizers, a sequencer and tantalizing vocals. From Wave to EBM, from NDW to Punk and everything else in and out of the box. It is like walking into a club meeting Kraftwerk on speed and The Sex Pistols on acid.

Their new release “De Nieuwe Golf” is characterized by dystopian prospects and hopeful sounds, confirming Staatseinde’s name as the founder of the “Neue Niederländische Welle”, in other words the New Dutch Wave.

The uplifting italo rifs in opening track “Grauw” take you on a journey through a gray world in which color cannot be taken for granted. Minimal wave track “Einzelganger” makes you feel like an outsider who can’t keep up with society. “Geef Me De Tijd” sounds like a schizophrenic dreamer swinging casually, but ending as a hard hitting track. Dystopian doom and pessimism is captured in EBM/techno floor filler “Doembeelden”. The raw West Coast Sound of Holland infused “La Haya” is a tribute to the city of The Hague which calls out on everybody to get wasted. The epic ode to space travel “Ruimtevaart Vooruit (2022 Refix)” is back in a rendition inspired by Rude66’s 2010 remix version. “Isla Inutile” is a dark and tropical delirium. In the hopeful “Alles is Weg”, Staatseinde takes you from the downfall on the way to…?

Staatseinde’s “De Nieuwe Golf” holds up a mirror to humanity…progress has not helped us any further. There is hope…but will this new wave be on time? Or is it already too late?

LP / Digital Album

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Rain To Rust - Martyrdom: Eight Exercises

“Martyrdom: Eight Exercises” is a concept album that examines the documentation of neurosis in form of art and the process of suicide as “artistic martyrdom”.

Each song is related to an artist who died by suicide: Adrian Borland (The Sound), Richey James Edwards (Manic Street Preachers), Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Per Yngve Ohlin (The True Mayhem), Yukio Mishima, Peter Tyrrell, Osamu Dazai, Robert E. Howard.

CD / Digital Album

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The Serfs - Half Eaten By Dogs

The Serfs are a deliberately nebulous and incidentally industrialist gang of dance-floor hymners – perturbed and tranced-out troubadours whose sound and musical ideology seems to be a causal manifestation of their immediate environments. Like their Ohio predecessors, The Serfs seem askew from the art that surrounds them, and proud of it.

LP / Digital Album

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Selfishadows - Everything Changes

Solo cold-synth project from Italy.

CD / Digital Album

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Neon Kittens - Nine Doesn't Work For An Outside Line

Post-punk beatnik shenanigans are afoot with this the new release from Neon Kittens.

Their second album [I think] carries on where their last left off, with spoken female vocals purring erotically like an attractive nun filing her nails, smiling, knowing her crotchless knickers are only slightly hidden by her too short mini habit wondering just where to place her oversized cross next, over the scratch and sniff guitar yearnings that are part Fire Engines, part Scary Monster & Super Creeps, part rock ‘n’ roll, and part sexual abandonment.

Yes, this is the true sound of total derailment. This is the sound of a 15 year old girl French kissing her jazz induced slightly older best friend with benefits; an album of pure off-center genius. [Monolith Cocktail]

Digital Album

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