Desolation Colony

Desolation Colony materialized in the summer of 2019 in the brutal New Orleans heat.

While on tour in Europe with Azar Swan, Joshua Strachan became equally inspired by the writing of Jeff VanderMeer and the spaces and sound systems of the venues Azar Swan was playing.

After sketching several pieces of music, he invited fellow Wierd Records alum Justin Vial (Kindest Lines) to contribute additional elements, and enlisted longtime collaborator Kris Lapke (Alberich, Prurient) to mix.

The project name is taken from one of the most well-known passages in the novel “Annihilation,” a work which Strachan describes as “deeply impactful in terms of how it casts certain kinds of ecological philosophy in poetic terms.”

Glad to cite the apocalyptic environmental death disco of early Skinny Puppy as an influence, Strachan also points to various power electronics and black metal artists as inspirations.

“There’s this thread in ‘Annihilation’ about sort of letting go of the human as the human has been conceived thus far, and black metal is really the music that I think has most dwelled on that idea, so it seemed an appropriate ingredient to include. But it’s also supposed to sound massive in clubs.”

Digital Album

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Andi + Machino - Parafernales

The collaborative bi-coastal project between Andi (NYC) and Machino (LA) is dark, spiraling music that conflates the tension of running EBM basslines with the monstrosity of electro-saturated, industrialized beats. In 2021, Andi and Machino began sending music back and forth to each other virtually—thousands of miles apart—as they built upon their passion for creating off-the-cuff, dangerously degenerate dance tracks.

Parafernales, their first release out this summer on Mannequin, is a conceptual EP that deals with power struggles: love and lust, strength and destruction, dominating and domination. Andi’s vocals are spoken, whispered, and yelled simultaneously, as if to mirror the mania of having control and losing it at the same time. The EP title, Parafernales, is a nod to Machino’s first language of Spanish and stems from the idea of miscellany: it is parafernalia for drugs, or, simply, accessories for unsavory activities. With inspirations from turn-of-the-90s erotic thrillers to the Chilean post-punk band, Los Prisioneros, the duo collide in a manner that is unadulterated and, at times, completely unhinged.

Machino is an electronic performer and music producer from Mexico based in Los Angeles who started out making moody ambient, techno and has now pivoted towards industrial music. He has released several EPs on different labels such as Tresor and X-IMG. Andi is a DJ, producer and music journalist based in NYC. She runs the nine year strong label/party SYNTHICIDE.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Arnaud Rebotini - I Drive East

After his sold out EP “Shiny Black Leather” and a dream collaboration with Dario Argento for the soundtrack of his new film “Occhiali Neri”, Maestro Arnaud Rebotini is back on Mannequin Records with a brand new 4-tracks ep “I Drive East”.

For this new ep, Arnaud started working more on a song form, deeply inspired by his rock’n'roll roots. Having heroes like Suicide or Alien Sex Fiend in mind, he was able to create the perfect link between EBM and Industrial Rock. The final production was orchestrated diving deep into percussive drums and digital synthesizers, a mega hybrid of analog and digital, recalling back our favourite mid-80′s productions.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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L​.​F​.​T. - Salz

Mannequin Records is elated to introduce you a brand new album by Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. (Love, Fist, Tears) – one of the hottest electro/wave names around the globe.

The Hamburg-based producer is obviously one of the resident artists at Golden Pudel Club, being blessed by a collaborative friendship with the mighty Helena Hauff (go check their b2b on Hör radio for the definitive Electro music set), and also running also the label ‘Neoprimitive’ with Lukas, focusing mostly on experimental music.

Pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic with an extensive use of lo-fi technology, over compressed drum machines and tapes, over the last two years L.F.T. has released several records on different labels like Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder and Elena Colombi’s Osaré Editions

Endorsing a distinctive contemporary sound, ‘Salz’ is moving forward to an highly authentic mixture of electro and synthwave, with a lo-fi analog power blended all over his tracks, somewhere between Liaisons Dangereuses, I-F and Bakterielle Infektion, bringing us back – and fresh as never before – the amazing early days of CBS Radio – now Intergalactic Fm.

LP / Digital Album

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Arnaud Rebotini - Shiny Black Leather

Mannequin Records is elated to welcome a brand new killer release from the legendary French producer Arnaud Rebotini.

Whether as one half of Black Strobe or in his own material or just busy receiving a César prize 2018 for best film music, Arnaud Rebotini devotes his career to mindblowing electronic productions. Passionate about analog synthesizers, and with a strong taste for electronic music of a dark and brutal hue, the new EP ‘Shiny Black Leather’ pushes to the limit his EBM-influenced electro-goth side, making the most doomy goth clubber happy.

12″ / Digital Album

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