Mures - Rare Metal

Mures are Joshua Cordova and Santiago Leyba. They fit perfectly as MRT010, transporting the label from the cold, grey, drowned in concrete atmospheres of Acid Ernst to the working class heat of the American south. Body music, factory music, machines intensify their rhythm as degrees rise. Hot iron is forged, sweat and black stains cover faces, hard labor, the struggle and the hammers are tools for modern times restraint. Rare Metal and Workers have just paved the way to that bullet that is Trains of Thought.

12″ / Digital Album

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VEX - Living up to low expectations

Electronic, melodic and playful. Post punk dance tunes!

CD / Digital Album

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M/A/T - Jupiter

“Jupiter” is a metaphor and symbolises the momentary unattainability of certain goals, which however will be present sooner or later. In addition, the title of the 5 track EP is a current musical time recording of M/A/T and includes the previous single releases “Nueva Esperanza”, “Das Fundament” (#3 DAC Charts) and “Liaison”. The title track “Jupiter” and the remix of “Das Fundament” complete the EP release.

M/A/T is the electronic music project of Matthias Bischoff. He is a founding member of the former Hamburg SynthPop band Cyber and has been active as a DJ for many years. In the last years Matthias produced remixes for other bands and now decided to produce his own songs under the name M/A/T.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Parking Dance - Gloom Parasite

Gloom Parasite is a reflective album on contemporary existence and identity, painted in a cold and grungy post-adolescent fashion.

Parking Dance is a fictional character, a ghostly little demon created to survive underlife boredom.

CD / Digital Album

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Dr. Organic - Civilization

I’m doctor Organic. I’m an electro musician. I was born in the forest. I’m not a Human. I’m not a Tree.

Cassette / Digital Album

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