Minimal Synth

Compilation of rare and weird minimal synth music.

Digital Album

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Cold Grooves

This digital compilation showcases fabulous songs that our label released on Vinyl already – either as part of full albums of the artists or on a compilation.

This first part highlights more electronic driven songs. Check out the info of each song to get more information about the specific releases and links. A good time to add these awesome releases to your Vinyl collections!

Enjoy the Grooves!

Digital Album [free download]

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Container 90 - Grand PrixXx

Container 90 are Ron & Mike. The band started 2004 in Kungsör, Sweden. Musically Container 90 works in a genre usually called “Oldschool EBM” but for those not familiar with the band, the sound could be described as punk on synthesizers or as we also say, Electro Punk or Hardcore Electronics.

LP / Digital Album

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Miseria X Oraculo Records (Precious Decay Selections Vol. 3)

Oráculo Records is a Spanish label specializing in synth based darkwave music.


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Death Bells - Take My Spirit Now

Death Bells return with the spiritually guided ‘Take My Spirit Now’, following 2022′s shadowy, post-punk influenced LP ‘Between Here & Everywhere.’

‘Take My Spirit Now’ explores themes of love, paranoia, and destiny. The band enlisted longtime friend Morgan Wright, of Australian label Burning Rose, to mix the EP, with Wright’s background in electronic music influencing the more programmatic elements of the release. The five songs were written and recorded in late 2022, after months of touring North America and Europe. ‘Take My Spirit Now’ introduces an unruly new sound, with jagged guitars careening through towering feedback and textured drums.

Digital Album

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