Corbeau Hangs - Optograms

“Optograms” is the debut album by Corbeau Hangs after a release of 3 singles. This album is very much finding my sound and soul within the art of sound. Mixing various influences such as modern acts like Twin Tribes, She Past Away and other acts like Clan of Xymox, Pink Turns Blue. Mixing the rawness of post-punk with the ambience and grittiness of synths and drum machines. Optograms is an image extracted from the eye seen right before death. These are my sounds visualized right before death.

LP / Digital Album

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Glaring - Void

Solo wave / experimental / post-punk project from Bremen, Germany.

LP / Digital Album

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Ana Laura Aláez & Ascii.Disko - Roma

Minimal / techno / EBM duo from Inca, Spain.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Poison Point - Poisoned Gloves

Cold wave / synthpop duo from France.

LP / Digital Album

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Koma Koma

Koma Koma, a band of international artists who make music under different names, got together in London in early 2010. The three-piece band wrote and recorded a handful of songs before slowly disbanding without playing a single live show.

In 2015 Geheimnis Records released the track “Treasures” on the compilation “Synthetic Soundscapes Of Modern Urban Morality”. Thirteen years later, the members listened to the finished recordings and realized that there was enough material for an entire album.

So here it is, Koma Koma debut album for all fans of Bauhaus..Jesus and The Mary Chain, it sure hits the mark ;)


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