Risk Risk - Blue Science

From Germany, Risk Risk was founded in 2009. The idea was to do synthpop the old school way.

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Neila Invo - Alienation

The title is linked to the name of the band, alien ovni in reverse, and in addition Alienation is a concept in which the musicians consider to be right dwelling on nowadays.

Thinking about the dark times in which we live, among pandemies, wars and standardization of the self, our identities and authenticity are strained, so the alienation is a spiritual condition that has to be analyzed. The need of a renewed contact with our deepest self is pressing and deserves attention, because the state of Alienation in which we are is exhausting, it threatens to become the normality.

We must keep an eye on the introspection, the expressive need is the only way that we have to withstand this state of things.

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Young and Cold Sampler Vol. 6

Here’s the latest compilation of Young And Cold Records featuring 18 contemporary artists.

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Blood Handsome - A New Calm

Blood Handsome is the project of musician, Gerren Reach. Since the release of the debut album “Is Down” in 2017, he has carved out a path of his own in the darkwave, post-punk scene.

Sometimes blurring lines and pulling from different genres, Blood Handsome blends dark and moody instrumentation with deep and thoughtful lyricism.

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Karl Kave - Doomsday

Karl Kave’s Doomsday is a tale filled with white horses, abandoned castles and people.

Doomsday describes a certain feeling of fear paired with hope. Fear of loss and hope for renewal. Frei nach Hesse: Jedem Doomsday wohnt ein Zauber inne.

A poetic piece of hauntosonoric armageddon.

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