Blood Handsome - A New Calm

Blood Handsome is the project of musician, Gerren Reach. Since the release of the debut album “Is Down” in 2017, he has carved out a path of his own in the darkwave, post-punk scene.

Sometimes blurring lines and pulling from different genres, Blood Handsome blends dark and moody instrumentation with deep and thoughtful lyricism.

LP / Digital Album

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Karl Kave - Doomsday

Karl Kave’s Doomsday is a tale filled with white horses, abandoned castles and people.

Doomsday describes a certain feeling of fear paired with hope. Fear of loss and hope for renewal. Frei nach Hesse: Jedem Doomsday wohnt ein Zauber inne.

A poetic piece of hauntosonoric armageddon.

LP / Digital Album

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DIAF - Gloria

DIAF is a goth rock band from Bavaria.

LP / Digital Album

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Cymbaline - Computerleven

Cymbaline is a new wave formation from the Netherlands.

Their music draws heavily on the post-punk era of the late ‘70s-early ‘80s. By using vintage synthesizers and drum computers, which reminisce of the rawness and coldness of grey industrial cities, they try to capture the melancholy that is associated with this period. Yet, their music sounds refreshingly up to date.

LP / Digital Album

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Adam Tristar - Suicide Neighborhood

Adam Tristar is a project from musician Adam Tristar (Amsterdam, NL) and vocalist Regina Chapman (NewYork, USA). They try to combine Minimal Synth, Postpunk and Darkwave in a new fresh and unique concept. Influenced by music from Germany and USA, they try to mix the best of both worlds.

The project started in 2015 when Adam and Regina made their first demo with the song “Hate close to Love” with very minimal equipment.

LP / Digital Album

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