Paradox Obscur - Singles & Rarities

Toxic Razor and Kriistal Ann came together to form the Athens, Greece-based dark electronic duo Paradox Obscur in early 2014. As one of the few electronic ensembles to record their albums in real time, the duo are able to capture the essence and magic of the moment without the aid of sequencing and editing software. Paradox Obscur then take it all a step further, utilizing vintage synthesizers and drum machines to create their captivating raw sound. While the prolific Toxic Razor and Kriistal Ann have worked on many projects apart, it is with Paradox Obscur where their critically acclaimed talents have resulted in the release of 4 full-length albums and an additional five EPs, supported by scores of dynamic live performances all over the European map.

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Clan Of Xymox - Spider On The Wall

For more than three decades, Clan Of Xymox has been revered for its signature blend of melancholic rock. Following the beautiful singles “She” & “Lovers”, 2020 sees the release of the new album “Spider On The Wall”. The album is an artistic triumph for the band. Dark & intimate, while masterfully exploring signature dark electro-gothic sound that has made the act adored around the world.

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Clan Of Xymox – Lovers

Brand new single from the legendary Clan of Xymox – featuring remixes from Actors, Selofan, and HANTE.

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Legendary Pink Dots – Angel In The Detail

Even on the darkest day. Even on the longest night. Even when there seems to be no hope left.
Even when you surf the channels and see only monsters.
Even little you, little me, pacing our way through a forest of dark menacing shadows wondering if the great creator had simply sneezed upon the candle we need to guide us through to kinder pastures.
Even now my friends, there is an Angel In The Detail.

2xLP / CD / Digital Album

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Dark Nouveau

Metropolis Records proudly presents Dark Nouveau, a compilation that features 24 diverse bands from around the globe that all share one thing in common, a taste for the dark. While many of these fine bands are often dubbed Post-Punk, Industrial, Synthwave, Goth and Dark Wave, the goal of Dark Nouveau was to bring together these different sub-genres under one banner that showcases both known as well as unknown bands that best define the varied new directions of the dark music spectrum. From the beloved Turkish duo She Past Away to the obscure Argentinian duo Balvanera, each track was carefully chosen to represent the continued growth in the world of dark music. This digital only release is dedicated to the late vocalist Scott Walker (1943-2019).

Digital Album

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