This Is The Bridge - Too Little Much Too Late

A solo and collaborative electronic music project based in the London area. It began in 2013, exploring a ‘primitive electronic’ DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers.

Digital Album [free download]

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More Ephemerol - Apotheosis Pageant

Initially a solo vehicle for Chad Fjerstad’s experimental synthesizer compositions, More Ephemerol eventually took shape as a Los Angeles-based synth band primarily inspired by early 80′s synth-pop including minimal wave darlings such as Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, and Experimental Products, and the beginnings of new wave through acts like OMD, Human League, and Fad Gadget, with just as much lifeblood in varieties of body music and synth punk. [Discogs]

12″ / Digital Album

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De-Bons-en-Pierre -  Card Short of a Full Deck

Dark Entries’ resident scuzzmasters De-Bons-en-Pierre return with the Card Short of a Full Deck EP, featuring six tracks of their signature sludge. In 2016, Beau Wanzer and Maoupa Mazzochetti fused forces in order to infect the world with their mutant analog strain, a noxious hybrid of 80’s DIY cassette electronics and 90’s Birmingham techno.

Card Short of a Full Deck follows 2017’s Crepes EP and 2019’s EP No. 1 and EP No. 2, all released via Dark Entries. Their latest salvo features six tracks composed for a live performance in 2019. While a damaged sense of whimsy has pervaded their previous work, Card Short sees the duo ramping up the absurdity to obscene levels. Skittering rhythms dance over ghoulish basslines and haunting, rave-evocative chords on cuts “Le Râle du Mâle Alpha” and “Puddle Points”. Elsewhere, like on “Card Short of a Full Deck” and “Accidental Surgeries”, contorted vocals battle careening synths amidst post-apocalyptic waste.

This deck’s not just short, it’s also full of jokers The sleeve for Card Short of a Full Deck was designed by Eloise Leigh, and features a punk zine xerox aesthetic with playing card motifs.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Destruction Race - Unify / System

New project from Beige Banquet’s T.E. Brierley – 2 tracks of dark and industrial synth driven no-wave totaling 20 minutes. Minimal, Kraut inspired, lofi and repetitive, Destruction Race is the sound track to the end of the world.

Digital Album [free download]

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Echo West - Reincarnation Of Doubts

German cold, minimal electro-wave and industrial from Dortmund / Ruhrgebiet, started in 1994.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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