Blind Delon - La Me​́​tamorphose

Veyl welcomes Blind Delon to the label for their third album, La Métamorphose. Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz, the project released several EPs leading up to their first full length, Discipline (Khemia / Unknown Pleasure Records, 2019) and their subsequent follow up, Chimères (Manic Depression, 2020). Originally a three piece before the departure of guitarist Theo Fantuz after their second album, the project then focused on refining their sound and energy through alternative projects and more EPs before adding a new member ahead of their latest opus. The band currently consists of Mathis Kolkoz (Vocals, Guitars), Coco Thiburs (Bass) and Thom Mayor (Synths, Guitars).

Fueled by cold bass lines and synthesizers of yesteryear, French post-punk and black romanticism, Blind Delon shatters genres and styles to create an evolved strain of synthpunk that wears its influences proudly while mutating into something totally new. La Métamorphose represents a fresh direction – a heavy, post-metal sound that’s full of emotion and raw intensity. ‘Le Crépuscule’ opens the album with a hard hitting piece that commences the experience perfectly. Next up, the group kicks things into high gear with the speedy, heavy-synth play of ‘La Violence’ featuring vocals by Fivequestionmarks, followed by ‘La Mort’, a blackened post-punk cut featuring the one and only Curses.

Label head Maenad Veyl makes a guest appearance on the fourth track, ‘L’Homme’, which drifts into deep experimental melancholy with a cinematic feel. Keeping with this mood is the powerful ‘L’Affront’ featuring The KVB, which descends further into darkness before resurrecting with the immense feelings of ‘Le Sarcasme’. Track seven, ‘La Noyade’, drills into the skull with growling vocals and menacing synths which bleed nicely into ‘La Foule’, slowing things back down with a subtle yet lingering sense of dread. French project Poison Point arrive on ‘L’Envie’ which moves guitars back to the forefront for a raucous ballad that sets up the final piece and title track, ‘La Métamorphose’, the glorious grand finale of an album teeming with emotion and begging to be played again and again.

LP / Digital Album

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Shedding Skin

Berlin-based label BITE run by Phase Fatale has been turning heads ever since its inception five years ago. Now BITE has put out
over 25 releases, platforming emerging talents and well-established artists alike, all united by an ambition to push the boundaries of techno.

BITE’s output touches upon a wide range of styles along the moodier fringes of electronic dance music: from sparse industrial techno to wave and synthpunk and to the label’s pioneering italo body music. While BITE’s roster remains musically diverse, the imprint has cultivated a community around itself of those attracted by its aesthetic of global malaise and pursuit of romantic sensibility within the cold mechanics of the techno genre.

In 5 years of its existence, and with showcases at Berlin’s Berghain, Tbilisi’s KHIDI, New York’s Basement, and various venues in
Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, and more places around the globe, BITE has gained global recognition.

In honor of its fifth anniversary, the imprint is proud to present Shedding Skin – an 18 track compilation of BITE protagonists such as Pablo Bozzi, Phase Fatale, Unhuman, Reka, Silent Servant, and New Frames, as well as new and exciting artists like Nastya Vogan, Mind | Matter, Omon Breaker, Gael and more.

3xLP / Digital Album

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Lowfish -  Grey With Breaks

After a recent, acclaimed EP on Madrid’s Analogical Force label, Suction Records is thrilled to announce “Grey With Breaks,” the 8th full-length album by Lowfish. The electro veteran, who’s been programming 808s since the early ‘90s, returns to Suction Records, the label he co-founded and debuted on in 1997. “Grey With Breaks” is an electro record, with thick analog basslines and TR-808 boom tschak front & centre, but Lowfish’s electro-style stands out from the pack. Not only is the LP devoid of the Drexciya/Dopplereffekt worship that permeates the scene these days, it also rarely hits above 110bpm, oozing with melancholic melody.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Agent Side Grinder - Jack Vegas

Jack Vegas is the sixth album by Swedish electro/post punk outfit Agent Side Grinder. It marks the band’s first exploration of American culture, drawing heavily on the beatnik-era works of Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, as well as the proto-punk and avantgarde movements — while maintaining a contemporary storytelling perspective.

The American dream becomes a symbol for escape from a Europe ravaged by pandemics, war and financial instability. Lyrical themes revolve around boredom, resilience, government and corporate intrusion, and mental health — with the occasional glimmer of light. It’s a drum machine-driven road movie, plotting its course through the desperate heart of rural Sweden.

The name Jack Vegas’ is derived from a Swedish chain of low-stakes slot machines.

The album has been produced by former ASG member Henrik Sunbring, and recorded in Stockholm during 2022.

Genre-wise Agent Side Grinder has always existed in some kind of twilight zone. Deeply rooted in early electronic and industrial music as well as proto- and post punk, their sound is driven by iterative, suggestive beats and sudden bursts of untamed ferocity, built on equal parts dissonant samples and elegant melodies.

LP / Digital Album

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Clear Memory 010

Entering the two-digit era, Clear Memory presents this carefully curated compilation. Oscillating between Dark Acid Rain and L-Town-(Ultra)-Funk. Six surprises, six boxes of pandora, six welcoming arms, six uncanny offers.

12″ / Digital Album

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