Volcan - Chanson pour le n​é​ant

Volcan is the alias of Greg Vezon who started to publish songs in 2012, he practices synthetic music which oscillates between ambient, minimal & cold electronica. His machine-based live, built around evolutionary loops, building up atmospheric and hypnotic landscapes, has allowed him to perform in France, Europe & Asia. “Chanson pour le néant” is his 2nd release on Objet Trouvé.

LP / Digital Album

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UFO Shadow - Hypergravité

UFO SHADOW is a Berlin-based duo composed of OBERST PANIZZA (ex- Velvet Condom) and BÉRYL LE GALLO. Oberst Panizza, founding member and co-composer of the bands Liste Noire and Velvet Condom, is now pursuing his solo career by programming synthesized melodies and robotic voices in the vein of the futuristic electronic pop of the early synthesizers. He appears in numerous compilations and in 2020 released the album “Octobre Noir” on Young & Cold Records. Béryl Le Gallo is a poet, calligrapher and visual artist. She directed the first video of the group “Cosmovision” and appears for the first time as a musician and singer on this project. For the past few years the couple has been experimenting with sound and demos, also appearing under their name in shared DJ sets. “Hypergravité” is their debut album on the label Objet Trouvé. [Discogs]

LP / Digital Album

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Sergej Timofejev + OID + Streovoid - Things & Fingers

A dark, electronic and synth wave album, atmospheric or furiously danceable, resulting from a unique collaboration between three artists: Latvian poet Sergej Timofejev, Russian experimental electronic composer OID and synth wave artist and musician Stereovoid (Peine Perdue, La Chatte). Handmade record sleeves by Stereovoid, silk-screened in black and gold, laser-cut or painted PVC sleeves, 220 copies all unique. Or 19 Collector unique Sculpture-records. Each record comes with a booklet with the texts of the poems in Russian translated in English and French.

LP / Digital Album

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Soloist Anti-Pop Totalization - Synth In Japan

Objetrouvé n°10, SYNTH IN JAPAN, is an invitation to travel within the emerging Japanese synth scene. A unique opportunity to discover the work of two non-standard personalities who each reinterpret and mix up the codes of synth in a very personal way.

Rikinari Hata, aka SOLOIST ANTI POP TOTALIZATION, from Tokyo, plunges his inspiration into a material reminiscent of industrial and experimental music. He builds fantastic electronic machineries, musical space shuttles that rustle with a thousand sound inventions and drag in their trail murmurs of dreaming robots. Based in Kobe, JIN CROMANYON, Hidetaka Horie’s musical double, embodies a sort of whimsical and truculent character who would have jumped out of a video game or anime to take over the dance floor. He creates synthpop gems as opening soundtracks for disquieting futuristic fables.

LP / Digital Album

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Luminance - Crystal Magic

Objet Trouvé is a label from Berlin releasing synth, wave, minimal and experimental music.

Luminance is a band from Brussels, Belgium, that was born in 2012. Their music could be described as Cold Wave, Synthpop, Ambient and Dark Electronics.

Digital Album

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