Age O​.​P​.​F - XiS

Minimal, diletante, electronic, LoFi from Dortmund, Germany.

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The Book of Flowers - Pastels

The Book of Flowers is the new project of singer/songwriter and DKA co-founder J.A. Ford. Long-time DKA fans will be familiar with Ford’s work with the EBM/synthpop project Tifaret which featured on the first and second volumes of the DKA label compilations “Strategies Against the Body”. Ford struggled writing songs for a proposed full-length Tifaret record, and felt unable to fully express himself through traditional sequencer-based electronic music. Out of frustration, Ford taught himself acoustic guitar fingerpicking as a new songwriting tool during the initial COVID lockdown and focused on the more traditional songwriting forms present in American folk and country music. The resulting album, “Pastels”, was recorded in Fall 2021 in Ford’s home studio, and furthered the folk connection with inspiration from British folklore and horror films such as The Wicker Man and Midsommar.

Ford envisioned “Pastels” as feeling pastoral yet menacing, exploring themes of the supernatural and the strange as well as the natural and sensual. Pastels features Ford stretching out beyond the confines of Tifaret to incorporate elements of American and British folk, psychedelia, dreampop, post-punk, and krautrock.

The Book of Flowers’ debut album “Pastels” draws from Ford’s love of acid folk, mellotrons, and modular synthesizers to create a shifting tapestry of sounds evocative of a diverse set of artists including Current 93, Nick Cave, Amon Düül, Espers, Magnetic Fields, Silver Apples, Brian Eno, and Young Marble Giants.

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Sergej Timofejev + OID + Streovoid - Things & Fingers

A dark, electronic and synth wave album, atmospheric or furiously danceable, resulting from a unique collaboration between three artists: Latvian poet Sergej Timofejev, Russian experimental electronic composer OID and synth wave artist and musician Stereovoid (Peine Perdue, La Chatte). Handmade record sleeves by Stereovoid, silk-screened in black and gold, laser-cut or painted PVC sleeves, 220 copies all unique. Or 19 Collector unique Sculpture-records. Each record comes with a booklet with the texts of the poems in Russian translated in English and French.

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Dame Area - Toda La mentira Sobre Dame Area

The essence of Dame Area – the project of Barcelona-based duo Silvia Kostance and Viktor L. Crux – is formidable, volatile, unpredictable. Across two albums and several EPs, Dame Area have executed an eclectic, discerning form of contemporary industrial music, deploying compulsive minimal synth and primal polyrhythms, as well as uniquely reconstrued elements of post-punk & EBM. An artistic identity that embraces influence yet eschews compromise.

Upholding the assaultive intensity of their renowned live shows, Dame Area’s third album ‘Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area’ / ‘All the Lies about Dame Area’ nevertheless discloses unexpected developments, a work distinguished by innovation and classicism, discordance and melodicism, the grit of a basement club and the gleam of a radical discotheque. The first of two twin LPs, ‘Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area’ illustrates one world within the wider universe of Dame Area, an album of paradox, which finds the duo at their most explicit and emphatic, but which also sees them detour, into some of their most experimental material to date. Across eight tracks, Dame Area assert an original, seductive idea of pop, laced with avant-garde subversion.

Gridlocked minimal synth mechanics are riven with insurgent noise and dub echoes on ‘La Nueva Era’ (‘The New Era’) while the fierce hedonism of ‘Innamorata del tuo Controllo’ (‘In Love with your Control’) evokes striking alternative histories; Gino Soccio meets Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, the Italo years of Liaisons Dangereuses, Nitzer Ebb reworked by Bobby O. Conversely, the disarming finale ‘A volte me sembra’ (‘Sometimes it seems to me’) is dreamlike and winsome, the sound of an auspicious horizon, hitting the sweet spot somewhere between Chris & Cosey’s ‘October Love Song’, the Dorothy ‘I Confess’ 7” on Industrial Records, as well as the finer moments of Martin Dupont and early Human League. Yet throughout these highlights and beyond, Dame Area establish their own voice, as vivid derivation becomes transformation and inspirations are redefined.

Dame Area have been accurately described as purveyors of combat music – ‘Música de lucha’ – rather than producers of dance music. This holds true on ‘All the Lies about Dame Area’. However, their sense of contention here is expansive and dynamic. ‘All the Lies about Dame Area’ is a record of tension and surprise, where the distinction between melody and abstraction is thrillingly undetermined. A provocative record for the here and now, which proves Dame Area are never easily contained.

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FTR - Vicky Vivid Experience

FTR is a shoegaze / post-punk trio based in Paris, France.

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