RADKO - The Dirt On Caligula

It took quite some time to realize this album by RADKO… back in 2018 their debut single was released and then there was silence […] what they came up with is an adventures contemporary/post-wave sound with lots of complexity in it is sounds and structures… but still these pieces are songs […] More or less gone (or just more hidden?) are the cold wave and shoegaze elements… these have been replaced with electro, techno and industrial influences… and instead of dreamy and melancholy the sound is now much more haunting and dark […] an album with daring electronic beats and sounds… very clearly rooted in the new wave / post-punk / industrial tradition but mostly a contemporary electronic music exercise which could (should?) appeal to everybody with an open mind and interested in dark beats.

LP / Digital Album

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VV​.​AA 429

Waste Edition is back with a new compilation called 429 and once more, 4 new and colorful tracks were carefully chosen by the Andalusian label. The E.P is intentionally made up of four creative and admired artists. Besides and as is becoming the custom, these four diverse tracks are full of catchy melodies, touching arpeggios and powerful beats. Conscientiously, there is harmony between the four artists, Vortice Mortale, Imiafan, Asymetric80 and Undo & Casiowaves and without a doubt this compilation can show anyone no interest in trends and bet on music that the label loves and respects.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Swedish Radar Controll

This compilation is featuring a mix of minimal, darkwave, new wave, synthpop and synthwave from 12 Swedish artists.


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Giallo X

A very special thank you from everyone at Giallo Disco for 10 years of terror!

Digital Album [free download]

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Naomie Klaus - Story of a Global Disease

After a crush at the Brussels World Fair in 1900, King Leopold II decided, for his own personal pleasure, to have the Japanese Tower and Japanese Gardens built. In order to create this little relocated asian paradise, he had the wood, sculptures, paintings, ornaments, trees, workers and their know-how imported. For a few years he invited his entourage to enjoy it during large banquets and private receptions. He then had the idea of transforming the Japanese Tower into a luxury restaurant, but he died. This magnificent place remains closed to the public except during an annual opening.

“A Story of a Global Disease” is a short tale about artificial paradises of globalisation, a melancholic walk through the exotic relics of free trade, where whim, appropriation and appearances take precedence over otherness. Here, geishas eat chips, europeans confuse Tokyo and Beijing, and tribal ceremonies begin with samples and drumkits.

LP / Digital Album

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