Nam's - Chaos

Naamal M’bae aka Nam’s is next on Lux Rec, namely, number 49. The young musician is all dark and desperation, fast, angry and on point. Song titles are quite explicative of the mood one will swirl into. A 7” with an extremely fresh take on all the things we like. Bitter frustration. Spiralling down into chaos.

7″ / Digital Album

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E.L.I. - Violence is Bliss

E.L.I. lands on MRT shores and pollutes them with all sort of filth. The label second last instalment takes us to Britain and it is one of the most aggressive so far. The distorted screams, the ultra darkness, the violent atmosphere it creates is tinted in black and white by the stroboscopic lights of underground clubs. A perfect mixture of relentless basslines and straightforward rhythmic patterns for the dancers with no cause, with no hope for tomorrow. Places made famous by death and disaster.

12″ / Digital Album

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Mures - Rare Metal

Mures are Joshua Cordova and Santiago Leyba. They fit perfectly as MRT010, transporting the label from the cold, grey, drowned in concrete atmospheres of Acid Ernst to the working class heat of the American south. Body music, factory music, machines intensify their rhythm as degrees rise. Hot iron is forged, sweat and black stains cover faces, hard labor, the struggle and the hammers are tools for modern times restraint. Rare Metal and Workers have just paved the way to that bullet that is Trains of Thought.

12″ / Digital Album

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Acid Ernst - Ehre

Acid Ernst is the alias of Konstantin Unwohl. He’s reviving the MRT series with four tracks of different qualities.

The A side is pushing in every direction, relentless rhythms, depressed melodies coming in waves and sombre lyrics. As to bring sadness and frustration in an otherwise angry techno room. The B side is rather sombre, with a masterpiece that goes by the name Ehering and a dark number called Deine Stiche taten Weh.

The perfect starting point to close the MRT chapter, the first of 4 releases that will conclude this adventure.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Claus Fovea - Open Eyes Shut

In 2012 Claus Fovea self released a cassette containing 10 tracks, he was at his Swedish beginnings. 9 years later we re-discovered his tape, thanks to Sam. It still sounded so true and relevant to us that we decided to release it on vinyl. Claus then reworked some tracks, scrap some, and made few new. Florin Büchel mixed them down and Andrea Merlini mastered them. The result is a picture frozen in time, in between now and then, the struggle, and sadness, that fragile construction of hope shattered as time goes by, like nothing ever change. It is indeed, as he sings, just the same song playing all the time. Over and over.

LP / Digital Album

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