Bound by Endogamy - Walk with a tumored dog

Walk with a tumored dog by Bound by Endogamy is the third and final instalment of the 7” series by Swiss musicians on Lux Rec. To understand this record one needs to spend a morning, after a sleepless night, waking to the junction point in Geneva, where waters meet, leftovers wear their high off and high bridges invite you to make the last jump. One needs to deal with a frustrated environment that only brings out so much anger. One needs to know Kleio and Sam, and their symbiotic take on life.

7″ / Digital Album

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Karl Kave - Leg di bitte a

Karl Kave makes his appearance on Lux Rec for their first release in 7” format. Four terse tracks influenced by his past experiences, high and low as they come, life events and tumultuous thoughts. The result is something of a sombre nostalgia for all that is not there anymore. Coming from Rheintal, a valley on the eastern part of Switzerland, he uses English, German and his native Swiss dialect to sing. Dive into it, meet sadness.

7″ / Digital Album

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