Lux Rec: Claus Fovea – Open Eyes Shut

Claus Fovea - Open Eyes Shut

In 2012 Claus Fovea self released a cassette containing 10 tracks, he was at his Swedish beginnings. 9 years later we re-discovered his tape, thanks to Sam. It still sounded so true and relevant to us that we decided to release it on vinyl. Claus then reworked some tracks, scrap some, and made few new. Florin Büchel mixed them down and Andrea Merlini mastered them. The result is a picture frozen in time, in between now and then, the struggle, and sadness, that fragile construction of hope shattered as time goes by, like nothing ever change. It is indeed, as he sings, just the same song playing all the time. Over and over.

LP / Digital Album

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