Stuck - Freak Frequency

Post-punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

LP / Cassette / Digital Ablum

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Zack Zack Zack - Album 2

Zack Zack Zack is a collective art-project based in Vienna, formed by Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas. As cultural ambassadors, their music aims to unite people and melt cultures and stories into one potent mix.

LP / Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Die Letzten Ecken - Talisman

I wonder what Die Letzten Ecken did during the past 2 1/2 years since their debut EP. Did they steal Jürgen Engler’s Stahlofon? Did they listen to Nitzer Ebb’s Basic Pain Procedure for the cold minimalistc EBM appeal? Did they ask Matthias Schuster how to combine this with the psychedelic electronica of the Berlin School like he did on Atemlos?

Probably none of that. Find out for yourself but do not forget your Talisman to listen to it on a stroll. There is much more to discover here than whether there are Seen Links or Schlösser Rechts.

LP / Digital Album

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FOKKER - Persona

Fokker’s sound assimilates many of TONN’s much loved synth forms, minimal and cold, yet is always embedded with that sultry disko beat at its foundation. Or as Fokker puts it, “I always start minimal, but each time it ends up being maximal”. So here’s to all things maximal, to the narrative intelligence, dramatic synth lines and luxe beats of Fokker.

Digital Album

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Singles I (2021​-​2022)

Born in fire and tempered in the batcaves and warehouse raves of Berlin, Johannes Stabel brings a leather-wrapped hammer to gothic nightlife. A Don amongst the burnt strobes, grime-soaked venues and endless nights of Berlin, Stabel is revered for his high-energy performances as XTR HUMAN.

Digital Album

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