The Rorschach Garden - All From New

After all these years, to be honest 35 years, it was time for a kind of restart. This time our music is more experimental and avantgarde, like in our very early days, when we did not had a specific style.

Of course this time you hear that it’s definitely Rorschach Garden, but some of our new songs will be very unusual, because we did not made everything with electronic instruments.

So now that this purgatory is done, we will head to other horizons. Enjoy this not so usual trip with us. For us it’s one of our most important albums ever. Cheers!

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The Rorschach Garden - Young Lovesongs

In a way todays global situation feels equal to the times when I was a teenager. Today Russia invades the Ukraine and about 40 years ago we had the Cold War between the USSR and the western world. Of course things are much complicated now, including the devastation effects of manmade global warming, the mass extinction of our fellow species, even more poverty on one side and insane rich people on the other.

That’s why I started a virtual time travel back into something around 1982. You can hear it in the music, you can hear it in my lyrics. It’s pure analog minimal synth pop what you get. Some texts are from my memories, others are in a way idealized, because my youth was not really that great. Nevermind. So i’m delivering ‚young love songs‘ to you, on valentines day, which I don’t like but hey, I’m doing this for your enchantment. Maybe it helps you to have a splendid time, maybe it speeds up your actual romance – who knows.

Pay what you want or grab it for free, I’ll leave this up to you.

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The Rorschach Garden - Walk on my Side

Isn’t it nice every once in a while to know who’s with you? TRG has been the shapeshifting brainchild of Philipp Münch for decades, and has covered many styles of music, but hey, this EP is surely right in the comfort zone for the Rorschach-heads: Four vocal-heavy electronic tunes with a strong analogue feel, too odd for pop music, too catchy for the underground orthodox. So liberated from all expectations, you might just enjoy the melancholic flow and the heartfelt song writing – and especially consider the gloomy closing track that sports lyrics that have been written and shelved 34 years ago. Talk about consistency!

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The Rorschach Garden - Enigma

An “Enigma” is by definition something that defies total comprehension, and indeed TRG has swept aside all preconceptions and delivered the unexpected. While remaining faithful to a number of musical aspects Philipp has explored since his quest started in the late 1980s, there is a remarkable advance: “Enigma” works almost entirely without vocals, and leaves the storytelling to music itself.

10 tracks, 49 minutes, classic song-based album format, but then: From the beginning we get treated to the trademark TRG analogue feel, but also the compositions appear more eclectic, daring and experimental (which is of course also a classic TRG feature considering the project’s industrial roots, check: “Rotten Flowers”).

When you feel you have said a lot of things before – and some of them multiple times – remaining silent and letting the music do the talking is quite the consistent choice! Only slight traces of vocals appear, an angelic wail in “October Values” and a vocoder voice in the cheekily titled “Barkhaus”. The rest is all electronic sound, more adventurous than harmonic, more confident than introvert, and somehow impossible to classify – an enigma that demands your attention.

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The Rorschach Garden - Grain Culture

Founded in 1988, The Rorschach Garden was the solo project of Philipp Münch, mainly known from his works as Synapscape. In 1997, he stopped this project due personal reasons. The Rorschach Garden was reactivated in 2001, made its first public appearance at the Maschinenfest 2002 in Aachen, Germany. After this, some other live performances were held with the help of some of Philipp’s closer friends.

Ever since, TRG has grown into a proper band with a steady lineup and a great reputation for live performances. Their musical style has developed into a unique blend of electronic pop music and defies genre limitations. Since 2008, no concerts have been played due to personal circumstances of the band members, yet there might possibly some again.

Digital Album [free download]

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