The Rorschach Garden – Young Lovesongs

The Rorschach Garden - Young Lovesongs

In a way todays global situation feels equal to the times when I was a teenager. Today Russia invades the Ukraine and about 40 years ago we had the Cold War between the USSR and the western world. Of course things are much complicated now, including the devastation effects of manmade global warming, the mass extinction of our fellow species, even more poverty on one side and insane rich people on the other.

That’s why I started a virtual time travel back into something around 1982. You can hear it in the music, you can hear it in my lyrics. It’s pure analog minimal synth pop what you get. Some texts are from my memories, others are in a way idealized, because my youth was not really that great. Nevermind. So i’m delivering ‚young love songs‘ to you, on valentines day, which I don’t like but hey, I’m doing this for your enchantment. Maybe it helps you to have a splendid time, maybe it speeds up your actual romance – who knows.

Pay what you want or grab it for free, I’ll leave this up to you.

Digital Album [free download]

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