Imiafan ‎- Videnie

Electro synth pop project around Slovak electronic musician Imrich Végh, also owner of the 4mg Records and member of Képeslap.


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Specto Caligo - Distorsiones Óseas

Distorsiones Óseas (“Bone Distortions”) is the demo tape debut of Specto Caligo (glimpse the fog, in Latin), band formed in Lima-Peru at the end of 2017 by Angelica Carlos, Raul Vega, Hermann Hamann and Fernando Pinzás. The sound of the group is influenced by death rock, gothic rock, industrial music, a visceral sound that places them as worthy representatives of a new dark scene in Lima.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Now Wash Your Hands - Odds and Sods

Here’s the latest album from Now Wash Your Hands, the solo industrial / power-electronics project of Nathan Nothing from London, England. Contains tracks previously released on obscure compilations and probably only heard by ten people.

Digital Album

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Imperial Black Unit - Murder Under Establishment

Here’s the third release from Imperial Black Unit, an EBM / Industrial duo from Toulouse, France, now based in Berlin.

EP / Digital Album

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Venderstrooik - Crustacean

Venderstrooik is a mysterious collective of musicians, artists and performers, infamous for their wild live shows and guerilla view on today’s society. Crustacean is their first concept album, and showcases their musical depth – from future electroclash classics via experimental acid techno to melodic sensitive moments. The often explicit but always witty and profound lyrics give us a further peek into their dark souls.

LP / Digital Album

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