The Foreign Resort - The Rabbit Hole

The Foreign Resort is a post-punk trio from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Digital Album

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Special Interest - The Passion Of​

But would you bat an eye waiting for war machines to pass you by? But aren’t we going out tonight? Aren’t we going out?

Special Interest have returned with their sophomore LP. A dual release from Night School (EU) and Thrilling Living (US). The Passion Of… combines elements of glam rock and no wave pushed through a mangled filter of contemporary electronic forms. Special Interest present a precise and deranged vision of punk, an apocalyptic celebration, a step forward into a perverse and uncertain landscape.

LP / Digital Album

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Bram Droulers - Sun

From London, UK, the multifaceted and talented artist Bram Droulers presents a work of perfect classical minimal synth. Simple, direct, elegant and very cold compositions that captivate from the very first listen.

EP / Digital Album

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NABTA - No Excuses

Here’s the first release from NABTA, a dark wave / EBM project from Nantes, France.

EP / Digital Album

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Glasnost - Dance

Our planet is not tailored for happiness. GLASNOST (aka Танцевать) is a maximum transparency policy used in the music creation of Alexander Chiesa and Alina Vaulina.

Minimalistic keyboard, cold vocal.

12″ / Digital Album

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