Whispering Sons - Several Others

‘Several Others’ marks Whispering Sons’ first full-length since their 2018 debut ‘Image’. Having retreated to the Ardennes during the summer, the band took the strongest parts of their old work and refined them even further. Where ‘Image’ was theatrical and widescreen, this time around they focused more on their greatest strength – sheer, unpretentious intensity.

LP / CD / Cassette / Digital Album

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Stella Sleeps - Anemic Dream

From Vänersborg, Sweden, here’s Stella Sleeps’ first EP from the upcoming album scheduled for the end of 2021.

Digital Album [free download]

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Equinoxious - Unidad

Rogelio Serrano’s creative work is focused on the sound and rhythmic design carried out using analogue synthesizers and eurorack modular system, inspired by the landscapes and high-speed vehicle trips, the interferences, organic and non-organic different social dystopian settings.

LP / Digital Album

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Into Grey

Singletracks of the year 2020 belonging to one of the most prominent acts of the current American coldwave scene.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Another Cold World 4

Featuring 14 contemporary artists, this compilation was done in 2021 under quarantine in Barcelona.

CD / Digital Album

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