Factice Factory - NADA

Second album that confirms the potential that the band had already expressed with the debut album “The White Days”.

This year, they have grown their reputation, without exploiting for this the militancy of Fabrice in Ranja, for the brave choice to be appreciated for the music they make and not because “they are members of …”.

In this album there are 10 tracks, sung in German, French and English, like the former one, to use the sound characteristics of each of these languages to express different moods.

Strictly limited to 150 copies. Comes in a jewel case. Not CDr but real CD (silver pressed).

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Cult Club - Never Enough

Cult Club is the musical project of Berlin artists Sally Jørgensen and László Antal. It was formed shortly after Sally and László realized that they could no longer spend their days draped over the couch drinking Pálinka and listening to “Axel F” on repeat. They then decided to put to use their god’s gift of talent they so uniquely acquired, and formed Cult Club.

Their interest in melodic oldies songs and electro pop singles became the driving influence for their musical collaboration. They wanted to create a sound that made the people as mad and wild on the dance floor just as it did for the neighbours who couldn’t stand listening to Sally and László s music blaring in the apartment complex.

Having a mirrored background in the arts, design, film and performance world, Sally and László decided to create a collaborative project that combined their musical and artistic backgrounds into one. DIY art films and electro pop is the by-product.

Edition of 350 units

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The Devil & The Universe - Benedicere

In the spring of 2015, upon an invitation by the Italian record label ‘Rustblade’, THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE participated in a remix project as orchestrated by the legendary Italian composer Claudio Simonetti (of the renowned band ‘Goblin’). This project has harvested a longer-term co-operation and so now, The Devil And The Universe is proud to present its latest and third album “BENEDICERE” as released by the Italian label Rustblade. The ever-evolving and design-oriented (and also Viennese) The Devil And The Universe project has a toolbox filled with musical and imagery equipment as provided by all things occult and religious iconography. These influences are arranged in a modern and original way, the new interpretation a pre-conception-free reflection of musical genres including Ritual Ambient, New and Minimal Wave. Director and film-score composer John Carpenter (Halloween) describes their vivid music: “I really like it. It’s original and evocative.”

The protagonists of The Devil And The Universe, Ashley Dayour, Stefan Elsbacher and David Pfister, call their music “Goat-Wave”. Reminiscent of the pagan icon, the goat-headed Baphomet, the medieval and mystical figure has served as the band’s avatar since the release of its first album. The goat-head is also occasionally worn by members of the band during live performances so as to break free of clichés and appear gender-neutral.

In the court of content, Christian mysticism (especially the mysteries surrounding the Virgin Mary) plays a decisive role on this, the third long-play offering of The Devil And The Universe. To capture the essence of the musical content, the band travelled to the most visited pilgrimage site in the world- Lourdes, France, as well as to the Spanish Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey and the Vatican in Rome. With their previous Albums :IMPRINT DAATH: (2013), HAUNTED SUMMER (2014), the focus was psychedelic music steeped in a magical and spiritual aesthetic… now The Devil And The Universe are passionately immersed with a sincere affinity in the world of Catholic-Christian thought.

Listen here and order here.

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Telekinetik Neuro​-​synthesis

Right Knider & Beatbox Machinery, cyberpunk beasts of the underground synth scene join forces in a monumental split album that brings forth the tension of bombastic drums & sequences alongside the electrified neo-futuristic drenched synths.

‘Telekinetik Neuro-Synthesis’ is the vehicle that demolishes every human reaction and evolves through the oxidised steel of the flesh which transports each molecule into the barren landscapes of a cryptic future.

Limited edition cassette in flourescent electric blue shell, comes in a clear case with a double-sided printed j-card, including an 8-page booklet with lyrics & three stickers.

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LAURAPALMER - Self-titled

LAURAPALMER is the new “obscure-techno” project by the italian artist Tiff Lion.

She has already shaped a successful career with Tying Tiffany. Five top-seller albums, lot of singles & videoclips and played hundred of shows and festivals in Italy, Europe and America.

Tiff also joined the producer and composer Lorenzo Montanà to work with T.T.L. (Through The Lens) and create instrumental music for soundtracks and trailers. Their song “Deep Shadow” was featured in The Hunger Games movie trailer.

Now, she is getting focused into LAURAPALMER and have finished her debut 12” influenced by old-school techno from KK Records (Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Kode IV, Zen Para dox), early Plastikman and a touch of pure industrial.

Limited to 300 copies with foldover jacket.

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