Bleib Modern - Danse EP

Here’s the latest EP from Bleib Modern, a Postpunk / Coldwave / Shoegaze band from Bamberg, Germany.

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The Raudive - Future Transmissions

The Raudive are a recently reformed three-piece alternative rock band from Norwich/England with a love of lo-fi noise as much as melodies.

The band combines their core sound of bass, drums, guitar and voice with haunting layers of synth in honour of their namesake Konstantin Raudive the Latvian parapsychologist.

They draw inspiration from early The Cure, Clan of Xymox, Mission of Burma, Sebadoh, Sisters of Mercy, The Sex Pistols, New Order, Joy Division.

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Memorias de un Continente

This is the first release of a sequel from varied, a collection of acts inside The Latinoamerican scene.

Memories of a continent is a EP 12” what groups about some bands of new style of Synth wave, Minimal wave, Synth punk, Cold electronics; this is a different proposal with México, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba y Perú included.

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Hyboid - Terrör of the Üniverse

“Terrör of the Üniverse” is Hyboid´s third long player on his label Astro Chicken. Blending influences from 70s Kraut and Cosmic music with 80s Synth Pop and Soundtracks from Movies, TV Shows and Video Games, Hyboid creates his very own out-of-time style. Recorded entirely with vintage synthesizers and vintage effects, “Terrör of the Üniverse” is a high-voltage Space Opera!

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Mitra Mitra

Debut full length from this Vienna based minimal synth duo.

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