Màquina Total - Estàtua

For some time now, I have been praising a series of both individuals and labels devoted to rescuing hidden gems from the past. The merit of this archaeological task is twofold: discovering music treasures unfairly ignored so far and take them back to the future in magnificent formats for everyone and their mother to enjoy. It’s almost social work. Often, these labels will take a risk and lauch present-day acts without betraying their back catalogue. This is the case, among others, with Domestica and, especially, with its latest release Màquina Total. The first time I listened to them they blew my mind up. I’ve been collecting obscure records for some years: records that travel along grooves full of synths — synthwave, coldwave, darkwave… I am on a terminal loop where synthesizers — dark ones if possible — have kicked guitars out of my personal podium. This must be the reason why I had an actual orgasm when I first listened to Màquina Total. The orgy of synthesizers and vocal melodies to be found there spoke of a promising future. I thought: “These guys should get a record released by Domestica”. My fleeting thought materialized in a limited edition silver foil wrapped cassette released in 2015. The undisputed hits on the Bandcamp demos — like Palmeres and Megatron — had multiplied in this new effort. That mysterious finding had at last an identity: body, soul and even photographs. The mastermind behind Màquina Total was Virgili Jubero, a guy with a special sensibility for melodies and refined embellishments. Urbanització Esmeralda or Sol a Cancún were enough to pronounce Màquina Total a HIT, in uppercase.

A meteoric rise and a cycle that reach today a new level with the release of this first album — a splendid collection of both anthology hits and new achievements. It is enough to listen to a couple hits to understand two things: they are a hidden treasure and they will soon stop being so. Fortunately, this technified and globally connected world of ours will place Màquina Total where they belong: in the top league of synth bands able to make hits which transcend their own scene. A record and a band apt to stand on equal terms with international milestones, a pleasure for unadulterated pop lovers, a collection of hits to be equally enjoyed by fans of The Human League, John Carpenter, Spandau Ballet, Sebastian Tellier, Martin Dupont and Chris Isaak. A record which is already a serious contender for the Record of the Year tag.

You are all welcome to the unique and inimitable synthesized universe of Màquina Total, a place you won’t be able to leave anymore.

LP / Digital Album

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Egoprisme & Mode In Gliany

Tonn Recordings independent record label based in Belfast, founded by visual artist Mary McIntyre, passionate about electronic music, equally attuned to analogue and dedicated to the beat digital, conscientiously committed to contemporary cold wave and select synth.

A nervous guitar, hypnotic loops, a grave voice. With great reinforcements of arpeggios and drum machines, Egoprisme builds a synthetic universe with cold wave accents in a dark, hybrid and mesmerizing atmosphere.

The “Mode in Gliany” (wordplay with the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani) started in 2013 after discovering the work of “November Növelet” the web, “a big blow” as we say. Attracted by the cold colors of their synthesizers and its underground voice, was produced a “slow and painful” style of music.

Digital Album

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Das Ding - Dream Decay

From Rotterdam, Netherlands, here’s the latest release from Das Ding, a purveyor of electronic music since 1980.

7″ / Digital Album

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Nightstop - Return to Synth City

NightStop hails from Jyväskylä, Finland to bring you fresh new retro 80′s electric sounds.

Music is strongly influenced by blast from the 80′s cyberpunk movies, videogames and beautiful girls with big hair. NightStop is specifically intended for your hifi stereo casetteplayer as you drive your Ferrari F40 into Miami nights.

Digital Album

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Principia Audiomatica - Distorted Information

Miljenko Rajakovic aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code project on Minus Habens Records & electronic-industrial DJ in various European clubs, and only surviving member today of dark ambient project TeHÔM, and real oldschool electro side project Marythmetic) and Siniša Očuršćak (founder of the TeHÔM project on NER/World Serpent, Professor of philosophy at Jezuit University for Philosophy in Zagreb, editor of the book “The mind-body problem in contemporary philosophy”) were active minds behind the PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA electronic experimental project. They were together creating frozen at parts lost, minimalistic electronic structures and soundscapes, they also have managed to infuse them with the mind-absorbing electro rhythms, thus creating 1st album which is a truly effective and impressive audio experience.

Unfortunately after “Systematic Sonority”, their first CD album work 1995 for the Italian label Minus Habens Records. fate has chosen another path. Siniša died of cancer in the 1997. and much later on, after recovering from the tragic loss of his longtime friend and collaborator, Miljenko has reactivated Principia Audiomatica project in the year 2010 with some remixes and new tracks.

Beginning of 2012 PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA made a new remix for Die-6- spanish artist on his 1st Album with some other interesting international legendary electronic artists and acts like: Lagowski, Absolute Body Control, Esplendor Geometrico, Geistform, Plastic Noise Experience, HIV+…

In 2012-2104 Principia Audiomatica start working also on a new materials for incoming second album release in twenty years! This new release sounds like Kraftwerk, Clock DVA, Drexciya or early Anthony Rother.

CD / Digital Album

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