Mode in Gliany - Amer Armor

This album is a work made for the Galakthorrö label betwenn 2021 and 2023. The lyrics are about self-reflections, setbacks, experiences, hybridizations drawn from my own life, but maybe some metaphor can also illustrate some of your own experiences, because ultimately, we are all human.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Aska - Út Við Sundin Grá

The second album from Aska is the first on Galakthorrö. Aska’s initial Synth-Wave underwent a metamorphosis into darkest Angst Pop. Disturbing frequencies are now part of Aska’s sound spectrum and merge with deeply sad melodies and skeletal rhythms. No shallow Wave, no dull Noise, but a fruitful symbiosis that is absolutely unique in this form. Aska remains accessible, at the same time creating a dense, apocalyptic atmosphere. This is decisively shaped by depressive and ghostly sounding vocals exclusively in Icelandic. On Út Við Sundin Grá Aska has perfected his technique: the words fall effectively phrased, and in an emotionally moving, magical fashion, into the complex arrangement formed by the raw sounds of analogue synths. The drum machine starts up for the ghost dance. Distant. Empty of human life. Darkness is more than the absence of light.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Mode In Gliany ‎- Kelc'h-Lizher

One is almost tempted to single out S’en Aller as the new Synth-Wave Superhit, however, all four tracks on this debut display an impressive perfection and consistence of quality, making this impossible. Distorted french vocals, dark synth swathes, gripping arpeggios flowing seamlessly along with smooth rhythms from the analogue drum computer. A well-engineered production completes the picture.

November Növelet was once the inspiration for Boris Völt forming Mode in Gliany. Thus the musical direction is obvious, nevertheless, Mode in Gliany is totally unique, magnificent and therefore unreservedly recommended!!


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Da-Sein ‎– Mirror Touch

Da-Sein is a duo consisting of Fernando O. Paino and Kas Visions, who at present reside in Madrid. Their sound can be described as gloomy Analogue Electronics deliberately reduced in form. From danceable to destructive, with distorted, mostly female vocals intoning Polish and English texts.

LP / Cassette / CD

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Herz Jühning ‎- Samsara

The first vinyls from Herz Jühning are today much sought-after collectors’ items. The latest offering Paradise was sold out within hours, in spite of a considerable stock in hand. What we have been waiting for has become Reality. The long-awaited new Album! It consists of a concept album and deals with the cycle of Being and Passing On. A nightmarish work in which Herz Jühning is also reborn.

In his new life he has climbed to a higher level: Herz Jühning’s sound is now denser and perfected, but remains concentrated and fundamental. He possesses the rare ability to combine effectively voice and abstract elektroniks, nothing appears random. This results in not just Tracks, but Hits, also contained on Samsara. So enjoy a masterful mixture of Angst Pop, fragmented Power Electronics and “Old-School” Industrial of the darkest kind.


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