Autumns - Still In The Thick of It

Still In The Thick of It’ is a collection of songs made over the summer of 2022. Showcasing a mixture of jacked rhythms, dubbed-out saxophones, and slabs of ice-cold, precise bass lines; along with Autumns’ signature mangled vocals.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Autumns - I Didn't Mean To Send It Twice

Electro / EBM from Ireland.

Digital Album

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Vacant Heads

Vacant Heads is the duo of Christian Donaghey (Autumns) and Oliver Ho (Broken English Club). Anyone familiar with their work, or underground electronic music in the last two decades, probably needs no further introduction. Having worked together (Autumns’ album ‘Shortly After Nothing’ was released on Oliver’s ‘Death and Leisure’ label) and shared stages over the years – Vacant Heads was borne from a desire to both collaborate on tracks and form a live unit.

Their debut self-titled EP is a bold taster of where Vacant Heads are at and where Vacant Heads are headed. These four tracks reek of a brutal and busted city – after hours prowls with fuck all to do and nowhere to go.

12″ EP / Digital Album

Autumns - Your Words, Slow Release

Hailing from Ireland, it’s Autumns with his 11th full-length release titled ‘Your Words, Slow Release’, containing eight bloody tracks with a Dub Wave and downtempo approach of his signature synths & sound that has reached quality electronic music imprints like Downwards, Detriti & Opal Tapes.

Now joins Body catalog with this consistent work from start to end, minimalistic in production, slow in tempo yet punk in vibes as he says: “Fuck all, just music.”

Digital Album

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Detriti Split 5

New 9 songs by techno EBM warriors Autumns & Unconscious.

12″ / Digital Album

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