Comfort Cure - Design International

Toward the end of 2022, always with a finger on the drum-machine pulse of the EBM underground, the DKA collective heard rumors of a new artist crushing dance floors. A mysterious gentleman from Detroit, Michigan was blowing minds and turning heads with a series of singles filled to the brim with heavy sludge and mutoid funk. DKA was soon tasked with finding the man behind Comfort Cure and has now arranged to release Design International on cassette in 2023. Design International builds on the strengths of his previous releases but finds Tyler Baker/Comfort Cure sharpening his hooks and polishing his production for crystal clear destruction of the dance floor.

The A-side features four new tracks of futuristic body music. While four remixes make up the B-side, finding DKA’s own Semantix on remix duty alongside Ye Gods/Antoni Maiovvi and Broodfaye. Make sure you add this one to your collection because we have a feeling it’s going to sell fast!

Cassette / Digital Album

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Semantix - Violent Protocol

DKA is starting 2023 off with an EBM bang with Violent Protocol by Semantix. The solo-project of Keaton Khonsari (Razorbumps, Narrow Head), Semantix is the result of years in the Texas underground that Khonsari spent learning synthesis and production.

Violent Protocol contains 5 originals and three remixes from DKA alumni Balvanera and Autumns along with Orlando’s Mother Juno. Violent Protocol’s catchy, rhythmic basslines, tense atmosphere, and old-school EBM samples confronting despair, violence, and power structures will surely appeal to long time followers of DKA and new fans alike. We here at DKA loved Semantix’s first release Mania in the Psychosphere and feel that this sophomore release will place Semantix amongst EBM’s elite dance floor destructors in 2023.

Cassette / Digital Album

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TWINS & ROM - R U Dreamy 2

DKA is elated to welcome TWINS & Rom, two of the Atlantic Seaboard’s most mysterious, prolific and quietly lauded legends of uniquely challenging music. CH Rom is the impish conductor responsible for a content universe under his primary handle as well as among myriad collaborations such as Pump Media Unlimited, Spam, Wharp & Rom, Crustacean Committee, and of course his decades-long co-venture with TWINS, covering everything from 22nd century dance music to noir detective funk. The magnetic and majestic TWINS needs no introduction here at DKA, a member of the family and 15 illustrious years in as the man, body, and spirit behind TWINS, and a key member of other celebrated collaborative projects including the industrial bang and bash of Pyramid Club, with Chris Daresta, and the mutant new-new beat of Free Range with Ernestas Sadau.

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The Book of Flowers - Pastels

The Book of Flowers is the new project of singer/songwriter and DKA co-founder J.A. Ford. Long-time DKA fans will be familiar with Ford’s work with the EBM/synthpop project Tifaret which featured on the first and second volumes of the DKA label compilations “Strategies Against the Body”. Ford struggled writing songs for a proposed full-length Tifaret record, and felt unable to fully express himself through traditional sequencer-based electronic music. Out of frustration, Ford taught himself acoustic guitar fingerpicking as a new songwriting tool during the initial COVID lockdown and focused on the more traditional songwriting forms present in American folk and country music. The resulting album, “Pastels”, was recorded in Fall 2021 in Ford’s home studio, and furthered the folk connection with inspiration from British folklore and horror films such as The Wicker Man and Midsommar.

Ford envisioned “Pastels” as feeling pastoral yet menacing, exploring themes of the supernatural and the strange as well as the natural and sensual. Pastels features Ford stretching out beyond the confines of Tifaret to incorporate elements of American and British folk, psychedelia, dreampop, post-punk, and krautrock.

The Book of Flowers’ debut album “Pastels” draws from Ford’s love of acid folk, mellotrons, and modular synthesizers to create a shifting tapestry of sounds evocative of a diverse set of artists including Current 93, Nick Cave, Amon Düül, Espers, Magnetic Fields, Silver Apples, Brian Eno, and Young Marble Giants.

Cassette / Digital Album

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David J Bull - Body & Beat

David J Bull is a Cardiff based DJ and producer. He has been a key player in the Welsh underground scene for the last 10 years co-running the TEAK and Studio 89 parties which have gained a cult following over the years. As a DJ, David has honed his sets around his obsession with rough and ready 80s electronic music mixed with contemporary sounds that also tap into this nostalgia – in particular the sounds of industrial, new wave, synth pop and new beat.

For his debut EP ‘Body & Beat’, David nods in particular towards the New Beat sounds that emerged and vanished between ’88-’90. Tapping into the brash production style and old school cut and paste sampling, this EP takes inspiration from artists like Fatal Error and Shakti. David pulls together a collage of sound sources and mixes it in with FM synths, bass guitar and Cheetah drum samples (a budget drum machine made in Cardiff back in the 80s) – the result is a dark and somewhat wacky electronic record ready for an alternative dancefloor.

Cassette / Digital Album

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