Nico Fidenco - Zombie Holocaust

Mannequin Records is elated to present a selection of the killer “Zombi Holocaust” soundtrack by Nico Fidenco, remixed by Mannequin Records boss Alessandro Adriani on the B side.

‘Zombi Holocaust‘ movie is another slice of Italian zombie craziness for the late 70’s/early 1980s. The film, released in 1979, was directed by Marino Girolami, and starred Italian zombie favorite Ian McCulloch.

In contrast to the sleazy and gory action on the screen, the soundtrack of the maestro Nico Fidenco is a thing of beauty and great depth, with captivating musicianship on display. The soundtrack is a rich blend of electronic/synthesizer tracks, experimental electronics, soaring acoustic and orchestral numbers with tinges of Spaghetti Western soundtracks, frenetic drumming coupled with woodwind instruments, and chants and manipulated wordless vocals. This eclectic blend is skillfully woven together to create a soundtrack that is unique, richly textured, and one that can stand side by side with the best works of other great Italian soundtrack composers.

The selection of the tracks was following a particular path, where dark synthesizers, drones and slow burning electronic beats have a voice in. Alessandro Adriani used to play often tracks out of the soundtrack in his dj sets, as it manages to sound totally modern, so it was totally natural for him to rework “The Magic Is In Progress”, now transformed in a whole B-side 10 minutes dancefloor acid/ebm ride. TIP!

Listen and order here.

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Keep Banging The Keys - A Compilation of Synth & Organ Driven Music

First off we wanted to drop some free music for everyone! Below you will find the steaming version of “Keep Banging The Keys” a 20 song collection of Synth & Organ driven music from Current, Future, and Past Releases on FDH. Listen below then hop over to FDH Records to download it for free. All we ask is you help spread the word about this free music!

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Maman Küster - Sous La Peau De Maman Küsters

MAMAN KÜSTERS is a (French) duo from Brest (in Brittany) consisting of Gaël Loison (also in Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones) and Cyril Pansal (HF90 & PanMe). Cyril also collaborated via his HF90 project on the re-edition of Etienne Daho’s ‘Mythomane’.

Their first album “Sous la Peau de Maman Küsters” (“Under Maman Küster’s Skin”), January 2016 (Unknown Pleasures), is scandalously rough and proud.

It features a plethora of instruments mistreated as though D.A.F. or Kraftwerk high on meth and plutonium had stuck their fingers in a socket and started messing around.

The album, a shocking mutation of Chernobyl radioactivity mixed with analog synthesis of Liaisons Dangereuses, Front 242 and DAF, is destined to achieve cult status in the alternative underworld. The brilliant phrasing and lyrics remind us of the pissed musings of Serge Gainsbourg and Alain Bashung.

This is a celebration of adventure, accident and the dark novel. It’s a surprising, haunting exploration of talent and a madness underlying Dadaism. Without doubt, the finest French album of the year in this music genre.

Limited digipak edition of 300.

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Follow Me Not - Nothing Comes With A Smile

Shoegaze/ Pop Rock/ Post Punk french one man project in the vein of The Jesus & The Mary Chain, early The Cure, Love & Rockets, The Sound, Sad Lovers & Giant, Asylum Party, Mary Goes Round or Little Nemo.

Limited digipak edition of 300.

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Portable Morla - Confront The World

Portable Morla produces digital torch songs to light data-rich landscapes, think of them as imaginary soundtracks for romantic indie flicks involving real-life nerds. Her music soars with golden wings of synthetic romance in an ethereal, wonderfully sentimental space intersecting the neon balladry of the 1980s robotic soul movement. This is the sort of music we fall in love to.

Limited edition of 100 pink cassettes and printed O card.

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