Kuldaboli - Vafasamur lífsstíll 2015–2016

Recorded with various analog and digital gear in shady places of Reykjavík, Iceland from 2015 – 2016.

CD / Digital Album

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David Carretta - A Retrospective part. 2

After two decades in the game, David Carretta has become known as something of a forward-thinking master at producing spiky, atmospheric electro that might work its way through anything from Italo-disco to noir-ish, cinematic electronica to the work of fellow French innovators. The incredible remixes he did for the internationally respected Techno big artists are the best examples of his knowledge of electronic music, whether Techno, EBM, New Beat and Italo Disco. Enjoy the second volume of compilation retrospective of one of the most influential artists on the international electronic music scene.


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Bad News from Cosmos - Minn Sjó

Bad News from Cosmos is a Ukrainian duo (Andrii Hrachov and Iryna Bodnar), active since 2010. Duo is mostly focused on creating songs and freeform improvisations narrating of love and death.

“We are devotees of mathematical polyphonies, sequences and improvisations based on pure feeling and dark romantic world vision. We fuel our passion for composing by the inspiration we get from vibrant and harsh sound textures, as well as from the flexibility of the music piece form. We search our style in the area where classical composition form and vitalizing freedom of avant-approach are intercrossed. An eternal experiment is the way we’ve chosen to lead us to what we call a musical perfection.”

CD / Digital Album

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Sine Silex - Schachmatt

Sine Silex is an electronic Dream Pop / Dark Atmospheric band from France founded in 2015.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Whispering Sons - Performance / Strange Identities

After their critically acclaimed first LP “Endless Party” released on Wool-E-Tapes (cassette) and Minimal Maximal (vinyl), Whispering Sons is returning with a two-track EP that sees the quintet keeping digging in an already very distinctive sound and vibe of their own that make them so recognizable and exclusive. Fenne Kuppens stark and warm vocals and lyrics are giving the finest polish to the bands’ cold sonic darkness. The two songs are giving a very strong idea of what the quintet is the best at, taking us into a wide range of emotions that won’t leave us heartless. While “Performance” has this quite lyrical and impetuous swirl, “Strange Identities” sounds and evolves in a more obscure and modest place.

7″ / Digital Album

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