Compilation of different releases by Russian post-punk band from Saint-Petersburg.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Black Marble - Fast Idol

On Fast Idol, LA-based Black Marble reaches back through time to connect with the forgotten bedroom kids of the analogue era, the halcyon days of icy hooks and warbly synths always on the edge of going out of tune. Harmonies are piped in across the expanse of space, and lyrics capture conversations that seem to come from another room, repeat an accusation overheard, or speak as if in sleep of interpersonal struggles distilled down to one subconscious phrase. At the same time, percussive elements feel forward and cut through the mix with toms counting off the measures like a lost tribe broadcasting through the bass and tops of a basement club soundsystem.

LP / Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Infinity Night - Wave

Infinity Night is a French solo project devoted to electro disco by the founder Radio Cosmos Records.

Digital Album

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Kontravoid - Faceless

Here’s the latest self-released EP from Kontravoid, a solo darkwave project from Los Angeles, California.

CD / Digital Album

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Tral Neu

Here’s the first album from Tral Neu, a virtual experimental music collective. Recorded and produced during 2020-21 in various places across the globe.

CD / Digital Album

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