Spinne Am Abend - 24h Minimalausfall

From deathrock to electro punk. Stuck with casual poetry. The music project of the Berlin author Benjamin Schmidt is a gothic Frankenstein, who is constantly reassembled in various experiments.

CD / Digital Album

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Violence Et Honnêteté - Los Grandes Éxitos en Castellano

Electro-punk from Switzerland.

Digital Album

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Young and Cold Sampler Vol. 6

Here’s the latest compilation of Young And Cold Records featuring 18 contemporary artists.

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DSM-V - Into Nothing​/​Function

DSM-V is a project based between Melbourne and Sydney, consisting of Marc Dwyer (Buzz Kull) and Morgan Wright (Burning Rose Records, Pelvis Records). After sharing the stage with their respective acts, the pair started to collaborate and record what would become DSM-V.

This first release from DSM-V traverses the usual EBM / Nu Beat tropes by including elements of hard dance and post-punk. Sounds you can blast on a club soundsystem or on speakers at home.

The band derives it’s name from the Diagnostic Statics Manual Revision number 5.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Infant Sanchos - Sch​ä​ume

Neukölln 2022. The smoke from burning oscillators rises above the roofs. It stomps, screams; in the distance a saxophone is nagging through the street canyons. What the world needs now is another LP by Infant Sanchos, those likable, non-permanent declining figures. Look no further, you humiliated, despicable, downtrodden and abandoned creatures: Incriminating music is danceable again.

12″ / Digital Album

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