RUN: -  I don​'​t like Gem​ü​tlichkeit

Minimal synth wave from East Westphalia, Germany.

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Tribute to Bauhaus Honoris III

After paying tribute to the musical work of Death In June and then to that of The Sisters Of Mercy, the third part of our HONORIS Tribute series is this time dedicated to the legendary British band BAUHAUS! Pioneers of post-punk and the goth-wave despite themselves. Haunted by the tutelary shadow of David Bowie and Brian Eno, truly post-punk with a touch of glam, lovers of German expressionism and European symbolism, the sound of Bauhaus knew how to combine dub basses, and acid guitars, sepulchral voices and hypnotic rhythms.

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Blood Handsome - A New Calm

Blood Handsome is the project of musician, Gerren Reach. Since the release of the debut album “Is Down” in 2017, he has carved out a path of his own in the darkwave, post-punk scene.

Sometimes blurring lines and pulling from different genres, Blood Handsome blends dark and moody instrumentation with deep and thoughtful lyricism.

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Container 90 - Eurovision Song Protest

Container 90 are Ron & Mike. The band started 2004 in Kungsör, Sweden. Musically Container 90 works in a genre usually called “Oldschool EBM” but for those not familiar with the band, the sound could be described as punk on synthesizers or as we also say, Electro Punk or Hardcore Electronics.

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La Mécanique - 0

La Mécanique is a coldwave/post-punk band which found its origins in the humid depths of Montreal’s cold dark alleys. Their sound relies mainly on powerful and heavy synth vibes, reminiscent of the early 80′s goth rock genre.

Digital Album

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