Alix Van Ripato - Red Spells

“RED SPELLS”, Alix Van Ripato’s debut album on Brussels based label Red Maze Records is an epic journey through her native landscapes. Originally from Bretagne, a coastal region of France, know for the survivance of its Celtic traditions and legends. Alix has been connected to the spirits of the sea and the forest since her childhood. RED SPELLS takes the form of liberating incantations, inviting you to dance in the form of a pagan ritual.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Tilly Electronics - Zack Bumm Flatsch

This is Tilly Electronics’ 3rd Album with a slightly dark and techno-ish approach. Tilly Electronics are Anyone and Anybody.

LP / Digital Album

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Spinne Am Abend - 24h Minimalausfall

From deathrock to electro punk. Stuck with casual poetry. The music project of the Berlin author Benjamin Schmidt is a gothic Frankenstein, who is constantly reassembled in various experiments.

CD / Digital Album

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Violence Et Honnêteté - Los Grandes Éxitos en Castellano

Electro-punk from Switzerland.

Digital Album

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Young and Cold Sampler Vol. 6

Here’s the latest compilation of Young And Cold Records featuring 18 contemporary artists.

CD / Digital Album

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