Jupiter-8 - Back To War

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Jupiter-8.

Stanley Kowalsky, once a highly decorated NY police officer, turned alcoholic since the death of his wife. All he had left was his 17 year old daughter until one night she was caught in the cross fire of a drug fueled gang war and killed. Having nothing left to lose, Kowalsky reunites with his commando team from vietnam to avenge her death.

Listen and download here.

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Beatbox Machinery - Cyber Drama

Beatbox Machinery was formed in February 2010 by Toxic Razor. Hardware synth wave soundscapes blended with analogue monophonic waves and digital analogue sequences. Everything is recorded with real hardware gear and there is no use of midi, VST instruments or software plugins.

Limited edition cassette in jelly green shell, comes in a full-coloured cardboard slipcase.

Listen and order here.

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Kubinski - Life Boy

From Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Kubinski music its something like: synthpop, synthwave, dreamwave, nu disco, italo-disco.

Limited edition of 12 gatefold CD.

Listen and order here.

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Lovers Revenge - Lovers Revenge

Tired of the sun & the fakeness of their city, this Miami based duo emerge from the underground to provide a nice & melancholic atmosphere, bringing us back to the dark american’s 80′s movies.

The bands influences consist of venting out about relationships gone bad, mixed emotions of love and hate, and together, combining them with darkwave like sounds.

Each track has its own story, let yourself begin the trip….

Listen and order here.

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