Michael Zodorozny - Other Side

Other Side is the first solo album of Michael Zodorozny, New York post-punk icon and founding member of Crash Course in Science. The side he shows on the album is a rougher and more personal one.

The seven tracks, including a feisty remix by The Hacker, are dark and thrusting with an EBM and industrial feel. Home-made and self-invented instruments complete Michael’s specific, extraordinary sound. Other Side was produced by Matia Simovich aka INHALT. Michael himself painted and designed the cover artwork.

LP / Digital Album

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Reconstructed by I​-​Robots

Italian DJ and producer Gianluca Pandullo a.k.a. I-Robots has chosen six of his favourite Electronic Emergencies tracks to reconstruct.

The second part of a collaboration after a digital-only compilation of EE tracks by the founder of Opilec Music in 2020, the six rigorous reconstructions on this double 12-inch are long, luscious, and full of energy. Move Like Rays by Machinegewehr was injected with a high-energy vibe, while Das Ding’s Want Need was transformed into an electro classic. Skeleton Head’s queer anthem Beaten, Bloody, Bruised was given the percussion treatment, Danza Obscura by Borgie got an Italo Wave twist, and New Wave legends Chris Davis and M/A/N/O/S had their tracks worked over by dubby electro and minimal techno.

Electronic Emergencies reconstructed by I-Robots consolidates the label’s frontier electronic underground reputation.

2 x 12″ / Digital Album

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Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt - Disco Disco

DISCO DISCO is the debut album of anarcho-electro-punk duo Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt from Rome. Produkkt is known for his cooperation with Vitalic and Adriano Canzian, among many others, as well as for his works in international productions for cinema and TV. Fivequestionmarks is a DJ and singer with a dark and heavy style who effortlessly assembles industrial, acid and EBM into wild raves. Together, they literally rock the disco with a clubby but poppy sound, reminiscent of the synthwave and electro pop of the eighties with a raw edge. On DISCO DISCO, Fivequestionmarks renders the surrealistic, political and profound lyrics in her distorted voice with a dramatic Italian touch. They are an incredible live act as well.

LP / Digital Album

Captain Mustache - How Come U Know

Captain Mustache is a French music producer and DJ from Paris. He’s been working on his project for many years to propose an army of beats. As a true electronic music lover, he worked with some electro idols (Adamski, Chicks on Speed, The Advent, Paris The Black Fu, Play Paul…) to bring an extra vocal dimension to his music.

Inspired by 80′s pioneers, Detroit techno and electroclash freaks, we can define his sound as romantic & burlesque electro.

Be sure, Mustache is the future.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Electronic Emergencies selected by I​-​Robots

Early 2020, while the Covid-19 crisis was taking over the world, I-Robots was introduced to Electronic Emergencies. Calling it a magical parallel world, I-Robots immediately fell in love with the retro electro and disco noir feel of the label from Rotterdam. It was a nice surprise to discover that the guys of Electronic Emergencies have been fans of I-Robots since the early days.
I-Robots and Electronic Emergencies have found each other in their eclectic taste in electronic music. While their friendship evolved, they started discussing ideas on how to collaborate.
As a first step in this collaboration, I-Robots has curated this digital compilation of 14 of his favourite Electronic Emergencies tracks. These reflect the deep melodic eighties atmosphere of the label and the elaborate and sophisticated taste of I-Robots.

In addition, I-Robots will remix/re-edit/rework 6 of these tracks. ‘I-Robots does Electronic Emergencies’ will be released as a limited edition 12″ on vinyl and digitally on Electronic Emergencies in early 2021.

Digital Album

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