Cult Club - Play With Lies

Cult Club is a Berlin-based electro pop duo. Sally Jørgensen is from Canada and László Antal is from Serbia. Their similar diverse backgrounds in the creative arts and their love for analogue imagery and pop melodies inspired them to collaborate together.

Together their songs range from a dreamy, soft sound to harder driving pop songs. Sally’s vocals are layered in a harmony of different sounds and melodies over László’s fretless, bass driven music.

Their debut EP “Never Enough” was released on December 14th, 2015, on Domestica Records. It featured an extended version of their most popular dream-pop song “All the People” to contrast the more chilling cold song versions of “Never Enough”.

Their full-length album “Play With Lies” will be out on June 14th, 2016, on Domestica Records. The album continues to feature sad, dream-pop songs such as “Call My Name” while also containing some straight up pop tracks such as “Play With Lies” and “Talk to Me”.

12″ Vinyl LP / Free Digital Album

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Various Artists - Wavecore 5

Here’s the latest compilation from Anywave featuring tracks from Sphyxion (France), Die Ufer (France), Imavizion Direq (Canada), Our Fortress (France), Spatial Relation (USA), Froe Char (Italy), Bring Her (USA), EDH (France), Atariame (Russia), †zxz† (Ukraine), Den Nya Borgen (Sweden), mnttab (Australia), Les Hôpitaux (France), Volcan (France), Puce Moment (France) and Fléau (France).

Limited Edition CD / Digital Album

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Spagguetta Orghasmmond - King of the beach

Spagguetta Orghasmmond began as a two piece combo, including the unbeliebable king of magic, the king of the beach…. Udini; the other is nobody else than maybe the most gifted organ player of all the time…. Raymond Rhammond!!! Then mista Steph’O’Maltine joined the team to add some percussive percussion from outtaspace.

Spagguetta spread their incredible experience since Xmas 2012, they’ve perform unforgettable gigs in Belgium & in the usa! (Portland, Seattle, Austin, Houston). They have released three 7inch: “Coppi & Bartali”, “L’amour à Charleroi” & “the king of the beach”…

7″ Vinyl

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Oppenheimer MKII - Another Nightmare

Oppenheimer Mk II is Andy Oppenheimer and Mahk Rumbae. Andy Oppenheimer – Singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of 1980s synth-pop duo Oppenheimer Analysis, one of the leading bands of the ‘minimal synth’ scene, and inspiration behind the Minimal Wave label.

Mahk Rumbae – Electronic musician and producer known for his work with long-running UK industrial/experimental band Konstruktivists. Andy and Mahk joined forces after performing together at Vienna’s legendary electronic music venue Rhiz in April 2012, and discovering a shared love for for 1960s pop and 1980s synth music.

After their debut album ‘The Presence of the Abnormal’, released in 2013, and the Line of Sight EP released in 2015, the band return with a new single ‘Another Nightmare’ on Peripheral Minimal. The two songs ‘Another Nightmare’ and ‘The Presence of the Abnormal’ were originally featured on their debut album, and now this new single gives these complete new versions of these two songs a new lease of life as well as being available on vinyl for the first time.

Limited Edition 7″ / Digital Album

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Norma Loy - Baphomet

NORMA LOY has always been one of France’s best Post-Punk bands. The core of the band consists of singer Chelsea and keyboardist Usher. They founded the band in 1981. Since 1982 they rivaled against the dominance of Great- Britain in this genre. They may not have gained the attention and reward many other bands received, but that didn’t stop them from becoming a cult band.

The shifts in line-up during Norma Loy’s career were quite impressive, Chelsea and Usher choose not to work with a fixed number of musicians, but to let the line-up depend on the kind of album they wanted to make.

A great value to everyone interested in post-punk/80′s goth-rock, cold wave and true industrial. Norma Loy was among the very best France offered in those genres. They dared to experiment, were passionate and never succumbed to any commercial vices. NORMA LOY is alive!!

Limited Edition Digipak

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