Weird Candle - Regeneration

“Regeneration” Weird Candles debut LP was made in frenzy of excitment begining with the tracks “Regeneration” and “Science”. They had found their sound through months of co-producing and writing together, traditionaly with Blag begining with drum beats and lead synth, and katerwol on the bass synth and vocals. They drew inspiration from 80s industrial, and darkwave, as well as from playing with admired locals like //zoo, koban and animal bodies.

Katerwols lyrics are dark and abrasive, and are delivered through sharp rythmic bursts, rather than sung. He tells a story through his words, an intimate reveal of his own personal deaths and rebirths, ups and downs, it’s a story of hardship, tragic love, and of ongoing mental turbulence in relation to the world around him.

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Phase Fatale - Grain

Phase Fatale is the techno project of Berlin-based DJ and producer Hayden Payne from New York. Born out of his various and broad musical ventures over the past 8 years, Phase Fatale is an artistic endeavor that serves as an outlet for his own interpretation of the darker, harder and industrial-leaning techno. The project aims to demolish the border between music and noise to create a new individual vision of techno – the sound of future war, whether it’s captured on vinyl or an extract of the digital static.

Phase Fatale uses exclusively hardware to achieve his distinguishable sound for his live sets while his DJ sets feature a unique blend of techno laced with EBM and industrial. His 2014 debut EP Skyscraper on Italian label Avant! Records moves between noise-ridden soundscapes and minimal industrial techno rhythms, capturing the spirits of both EBM classics and modern contemporaries. His most anticipated forthcoming 2015 releases include EPs on Berlin-based [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe] followed by Jealous God. Phase Fatale has played alongside acts such as Clock DVA and Cold Cave around the world from Los Angeles to Moscow.

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Organic - Empty Century

The project started in 2011 after a common Post New Wave. Joris Oster, Olivier Justin and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to create an electro/coldwave band merging the power of a fuzzy bass guitar with electronic signals. After few nights spent in a recording studio, Alchemy took place Joris, Olivier and Raphaël write songs together and provide innovative sounds excluding guitars in favor of vintage synthetizers and burning bass lines.

After a first album « Under your carbon constellation » released in 2013, ORGANIC toured around 40 dates in Europe including support acts for Agent Side Grinder and Graham Coxon.

Now the band is proud to present a second album called « Empty century » co-released on Manic Depression (FR) and Swiss Dark Nights (CH/IT). Line-up and Concept remain the same but songs are now about our new century filled with disillusionments and hopes.
ORGANIC, an effective and original project to shake you head.

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Digital download w/printable B2 visual, commemorating the 35th anniversary since the passing of Ian Curtis.

Listen and download here.

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Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night

Active between 2009 – 2015, 1/2 (in recent years re-defined as “I/II”), concentrated on visuals and minimal electronic pop music.

In parallel to his own audio-visual activities (musically, also under the pseudonyms “Split Personalities”, “The Fall Guy” and “Dissident” plus in the graphic design dept., as “Nieuw NDG”), he started an accompanying label – 0.5, releasing work by other artists as well. After a fertile period of five years during which he himself delivered a number of test recordings, singles, EPs and mini-albums (some of which also appeared on various international labels), 1/2 decided to call it a day in 2015, releasing his very last studio mini-album/EP “Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night”.

He now records under the name Iv/An.

Listen and order here. Also available on Totally Wired Records.

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