One Figure - Blind Window

Here’s the first album from One Figure, a cold electronic project from Lyon, France.

Listen and download here.

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Koban - Abject Obsessions

Koban is a young duo hailing from Vancouver, Canada. They had their first album out on Broadway To Boundary back in 2013 but it really was their 2014’s EP on Weyrd Son that got our attention.

Now their second full-length is ready and with it Koban achieved to extend and improve the great results of their previous Vide EP.

Cold yet catchy dark post-punk driven by caustic drum machines, featuring French-speaking female vocals and English-speaking male voice, powered by synths and guitars as sharp and dangerous as a rusty blade.

Elegant 4-side Digipak limited to 200.

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Various Artists - Sore

After the success of ‘A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life’, Seja’s first compilation on vinyl, a second edition was about to be expected soon; people keep on asking about it.

The combination of well-known and less known, European and overseas, turns this release into a scenic view of the state of the contemporary alternative electronic music scene. Hard pruning work is interspersed with delicate songs and it is this that makes this album so surprising and special. It is striking quality with carefully chosen sequence of songs. Seja herein has a sure “fingerspitzengefühl” for which ‘SORE’ sounds like one logical piece.

Vinyl edition of 300.

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Various Artists - Noblesse Oblige

With Noblesse Oblige you find yourself among the aristocracy of the mind and body… it is a gathering of artists with a different heartbeat and mindset… fitting the Gooiland Elektro spirit as they operate far away from contemporary music standards… not being interested nor moved by trends and hypes… instead they share the mission to produce uncompromising sounds for the real freaks with music both for the dancefloor and the headphone… in this case this means sweaty EBM, dark techno and industrial acid… but that are just some name tags… it is all about the experience…

Edition of 250 copies.

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Màquina Total

We are incredibly excited to present the second EP of Màquina Total and its debut in physical format: Màquina Total is the musical project by Virgili Jubero, from Barcelona, who has been working under such a pseudonym actively since 2011. This album includes five songs (Son, Urbanització Esmeralda, Sol a Cancun, ¿Què és l’amor? and Estàtua), which range from the luminous Dream Pop, sometimes romantic, others nostalgic… to love, science and forgetfulness. Hypnotic, absorbent melodies and an intimate lyric full of sensitivity converge in this more than interesting project.

Promotional edition of 50 numbered copies.

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