Years of Denial – Body Map

Years of Denial joins Pinkman Broken Dreams and deliver an EP with four devilish and cataclysmic electronic body tracks. The duo’s sound combines influences of deranged experimental music with vocals surrounding themes of isolationism and dark romanticism. The outcome is stunning in its very own way, as the music creates a deeply immersive atmosphere, and is abundantly vigorous to keep dancers on their toes and moving from the night’s darkest corners to the dawn of day.

EP / Digital Album

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L'Avenir ‎– Requiem

L’Avenir is the cold synth side project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan. Known throughout the space and ambient music scenes for his contemplative electronic soundscape work for over a decade; Sloan founded L’Avenir as a side project in 2012 to explore his long time love of synthpop and minimal wave music created purely from analog and vintage equipment.

LP / Digital Album

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Filmmaker ‎– The Love Market

Raw post-punk, EBM, minimal wave from Medellin, Colombia. The perfect soundtrack for your dystopic-bad-trip life.

LP / Digital Album

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South Heights - After Darkness Falls

Here’s the first release from South Heights, a dark electronics project from Glasgow, Scotland.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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Silent EM – The Absence

Jean Lorenzo, known as Silent EM, fell into his solo project by chance. He had played guitar and bass in post-punk and punk bands but in 2010 he found, upon his transition to a new city, that he could create music singularly with synthesizers and drum machines. His songs explore themes of disillusion, disappointment with religious views, war and lost love utopias. The influence of 1980s French coldwave and post-punk is apparent in his craft.

LP / Digital Album

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