Sentuhlà ‎– La Curva Paralela

Sentuhlà is one of the many aliases of musical jack of all trades José Guerrero, a long standing figure in the already rich underground scene of Valencia. In this solo excursion he explores the vast possibilities of mechanical repetition, the machine funk of dirtbag rhythms and proper boogie DIY synth music, sculpting a syncopated sound that is both modern and atavistic. Coming from a deep knowledge and ability to communicate very diverse sounds, slow jams unfold into dance music for clear eyed lounge lizards for whom sleaze comes not dizzy but focused. Whitened african rhythms beat up no wave disco pleasure points, managing the hard task of being very cool and nonchalant, but also hot and dedicated.

This closed door nightclub music will appeal to fans of the new developments in dance music that put Cabaret Voltaire, impLOG or Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou into XXI Century basements. The record comes also with a killer remix by Tolouse Low Trax, probably our favourite producer in modern rhythmic music.

LP / Digital Album

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Nordstaat ‎– Singularity - Second Coming

“Humanity in its self-inflicted godly state awaits the Singularity as the Second Coming. Salvation in the face of technological decay.” Nordstaat returns to X-IMG with six hypnotic and melancholic techno cuts layered with his signature black metal soundscapes and industrial atmospheres. His latest release is both a condemnation and adoration of the New Man; an ode to a dying realm and to servants of an artificial origin…

Cassette / Digital Album

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Generation Young and Cold Vol​.​ 4

Here’s the latest compilation of Young And Cold Records featuring no less than 46 contemporary artists.

Digital Album

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ADN Ckrystall ‎- The Incredible And Fantastic Story Of The Last Joint On Earth

Here’s the latest release from ADN’ Ckrystall, a solo experimental / minimal / synthpop project from France.

2 x LP

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19 Beläten — En Sommar Av Plåga

Here’s the latest compilation from Beläten, featuring 19 avant-garde artists described as Industrial, Dark Ambient, EBM, Experimental, Darkwave, Power Electronics, Electro and Modern Classical.

Cassette / Digital Album

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