Kübler-Ross is a minimal synth/wave/industrial three-piece from Glasgow, Scotland, featuring Craig Clark, Katie Shannon, and veteran electronic producer and remixer producer Dave Clark, best-known for his Sparky moniker, and as one-half of the production/remix team Optimo (Espacio).

First emerging in 2015 with a couple of compilation appearances, Kübler-Ross released their debut, self-titled album in 2020. Originally released as a limited-edition cassette on the Glasgow label Akashic Records, the album — now resequenced and released on vinyl via Suction Records’ minimal synth sublabel Ice Machine — is a collection of tracks recorded over a three year period in a variety of studios, rehearsal rooms, and gigs, documenting the musical variety and ferocity of their incendiary live performances. The Akashic tape, despite being low-key, under-the-radar, and released in limited quantity, managed to earn them a Long List nomination for SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) for 2020.

LP / Digital Album

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Boxes Of Blow - Dystopia

Boxes of blow were founded in the summer of 2016 when Thodoris Koutsogiannis and Alexios Othon Theodoridis met at a festival playing with different projects each other. They decided to create a band with post punk, darkwave and noise sounds. After a lot of experimentation and changing members, the basic idea remains the same. Their music is a blend of clean and noisy guitars, bass and synth, along with some rythmic drums, that altogether create their characteristic atmospheric dark sound. After many concerts in Greece in 2017, a self released EP, the following year and some time for introspection that doubled due to the pandemic, they finally return.

“Dystopia” is the first LP of Boxes of Blow. It contains all the work they did from 2016 to 2021. Finally, it was decided to include all the tracks on this release mainly because it shows their first personal stamp from the first to the last track. There are many themes in it, the anxiety to find a solution to human problematic situations. Sometimes this anguish becomes a huge inaccessible “wall”, a boundary that we cannot cross, nor see beyond. Many metaphorical meanings, such as “black rain” that can symbolize any catastrophe internal to our existence or external to nature and the environment in which we live. Love, and how exasperating it is and rather hopeless. Yet, in all its elusiveness, love pushes us to stretch our limits, therefore becoming a necessary force. A force to reach beyond despite knowing that falling is almost certain, that’s why it is “the most noble” yet “the longest lost hope”. All this is expressed through the dreamy, atmospheric and electric sounds of the album. Usually after the first initial slow, simple theme there is a completion, fullness, abundance of instruments and sounds.

CD / Digital Album

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Words And Actions ‎- Licht Demo

After 4 years from “Senza veleno” finally something new from Words and Actions. Old school gothic rock darkwave with a hint of gloomy psychedelic rock.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Clear Memory 008

Welcome onboard flight number CLEAR008 with service from Leipzig to the Bermuda Triangle. We are experiencing some difficulties at the moment, caused by an overpowered VR-System. As a result, we are subjected to steely bass thunders. Oddities of crisp and bouncy fashion. Dark, yet tempting. Bright, yet unsettling. We’ll initiate Project 15.

The weather at our destination is expected to be leicht bewölkt, sonst hayter, though. This is the new normal, this is the new fear. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to overtake reality.

12″ / Digital Album

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Noromakina - Vile Vortex

Colombian darkwave duo NOROMAKINA, presents its debut album “Vile Vortex”. Formed by Mel Zb and Pluszeichen, NOROMAKINA combines the present with the past in a wide palette of sounds from vintage and modern analog synthesizers and machines, getting a lo-fi character through sundry processes and effects. The result is a dark and mysterious atmosphere with a lot of power.

LP / Digital Album

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