Konstantin Unwohl ‎- Ich Würd Lieber Nicht

Here’s the latest single from Konstantin Unwohl, a solo minimal electronic project from Hamburg, Germany.

7″ / Digital Album

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Black Merlin - Oba Enka

George Thompson aka Black Merlin is joining the family of Mannequin Records with this insane EP for the Death of the Machines, the serie dedicated to new artists ready to smash the dancefloor. 3-tracks strongly permeated by drones’n'noises, EBM basslines and a 4/4 straight technoish kick drum. Mega TIP!

12″ / Digital Album

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Peine Perdue - Tokyo en Morceaux

After their ‘Histoire d’une Âme’ EP in 2017, Peine Perdue returns to Electronic Emergencies with a full album. ‘Tokyo en Morceaux’ contains 11 new tracks by the avant-garde acid wave duo residing in Paris and Berlin.

‘Tokyo en Morceaux’ takes you on a dazzling joyride through the streets of the metropolis, high on devotion, deception, delirium and many other intense emotions that echo between the skyscrapers, trying not to get lost in translation.

LP / Digital Album

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Max & Mara - Less Ness

Dark Entires is excited to introduce the debut album “Less Ness” from contemporary Bay Area duo, Max and Mara. Their collaboration began in 2012. Max is based in Oakland and has been a part of various projects most notably Brotman and Short and his current solo work as Business Etiquette. Mara is based in San Francisco and is known for her solo work as Group Rhoda.

On “Less Ness” they worked with a hardware set up: 808 and Elektron drum machine, Moog, MAM, and Sequential Circuits synth with splashes of Mono/Poly and collage elements, vocoder lines and dubbed out vocals. They step away from the the computer as much as possible and prefer that their ideas can be traced back to the tools so that a sense of physicality remains. They find inspiration from all kinds of far out sounds, most notably dub, industrial, and various drug culture tangents. Lyrically the songs revolve around topics such as escapism, looking though cultural windows, and character role development. Some songs are a bit more surrealist in content with elements of hard realism and critical commentary. All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP is housed in a jacket featuring a painting by Shana Why. Prepare to turn your gaze to the things in front of you and away from screen generated culture and its mimicry of social participation.

LP / Digital Album

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Figure Study - Lesson One

Dark Entries is proud to present the debut album by Figure Study, a contemporary band from New York. Figure Study is the Manhattan duo of Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara, who share writing and production duties, while April handles the vocals. They began the project in 2009, after meeting one another through the Wierd Records weekly party, where they would play their first concert soon after.

For their debut self-titled album Figure Study utilize a small, simple analog synthesizer set up of all vintage Roland analog synths and drum machine. April’s elegant vocals glide through the hazy shadows of a distant, emotionless world. Songs flux between pulsating and saturnine. Figure Study’s sound includes influences from underground new wave music such as Kirlian Camera, Nine Circles, and The Actor.

7″ / Digital Album

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