Меланхоличен - Скубут

Active for about a year, Скубут [Skubut] is the 80s influenced Cold Wave / Post-Punk moniker of Russian young musician Mikhail Shlepin based in Vienna, Austria.

Cold, yet equally poignant, filled with dark, beautiful, aching sorrowfulness, ably blends the sharp, edgy iciness and minimalism ala Lebanon Hanover with the distinctive, intense melancholy and emotional turmoil of Russian ‘doomer’ bands.

First track “Акт самоубийства” deals with hidden obsessions that unravel in a suicidal fantasy realized alone in a bathroom with blood dripping down the walls, while someone knocks on the door, too late to help.

A seductively dark and penetrating spell exhales from the numb meander of the dense droning mists built by an ominous, rumbling bleak bass line, awash by looming, humming eddies of icy synth, whose persistent pulsating morbid obscurity is scratched by cascading slivers of trembling and ethereal, tinkling guitar reverberations, charged by crispy claps and quick muffled percussive patterns, drawing perpetual melancholic edges around morose, deep male vocals releasing shame, guilt, and pain into the nocturnal subconscious desires of an eternal, haunted peace, leaving us ultimately at the mercy of deafening silence.

CD / Digital Album

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Maria Violenza + Noir Boy George

Maria Violenza is an electro / arabian / punk solo project by Cristina, based in Rome, Italy.

Noir Boy George is a solo minimal synth project From Metz, France.

12″ / Digital Album

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The two titles are quite similar in sound, but complementary in style. “Prinzipielle Sicherheit” is very punchy, four-to-the-floor and danceable. The dominant bassline is joined by a punctuated sub-bass, which dynamizes the track. The vocals are heavily processed, seem metallic, machine-like and also give “Prinzipielle Sicherheit” a threatening note.

“Der letzte Gang” is certainly not a dance track. Hans Uran and a second voice sing/discuss death, and this is also transported musically as a walk “up to the scaffold”. The title seems at first somewhat arhythmic, but reveals itself on closer listening as a deliberate staccato that seems to musically implement the trembling, the duty to the end. [Damals on Discogs]


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Radikal Kuss - Niemand hat das Recht zu gehorchen

Radikal Kuss joins Red Maze / Strange Arts and delivers a dark, melodic and intense 4-track EP. “Niemand hat das Recht zu gehorchen”

Radikal Kuss’s signature Body Beat expands to new horizons, exploring unusual paths. On an incessant rhythm, the sound of the duo combines After Punk and Dark Wave influences in a dystopian atmosphere.

Eerie synths and feverish bass accompany the melancholy voice recounting a woman’s frightening confrontation with the outside world, the need for an honest social conscience, freedom of movement, but also the obsession with the final images of a passion. romantic.

Despite the themes can cheer Radikal Kuss, succeeds in bringing beauty and hope into a deeply immersive atmosphere

Confronting your anxieties and fears is sometimes necessary to escape the madness.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Petra Flurr & 89st - Trübe Stadt

Petra Flurr explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the underground scene for his driving minimalist electro-punk sound, furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.

12″ / Digital Album

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