L'Avenir - Soir

L’Avenir is the cold synth side project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan. Known throughout the space and ambient music scenes for his contemplative electronic soundscape work for over a decade; Sloan founded L’Avenir as a side project in 2012 to explore his long time love of synthpop and minimal wave music created purely from analog and vintage equipment.

While releasing over a dozen solo albums and E.P.’s under his own name, Sloan has played live all over the US, Canada and Europe including the influential Live Constructions radio program at Columbia University, STEIM in Amsterdam, CMMAS in Morelia, Berlin’s Liquid Sky TV and Philadelphia’s The Gatherings concert series, one of the country’s oldest continuing ambient and electronic music series.

Sloan is a Professor teaching full-time in the Interactive Arts department along with being the founder and program coordinator for the Sound Art program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Evanton - Haunted Disco Night

Here’s one of the numerous recent releases from Eventon, an Italo disco duo from Athens, Greece.

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Crystalline Stricture - Scorch

Crafted electronic music. This attempt to create interesting synthesizer arrangements.

Collaboration at times with others. Tilted towards coldwave and the distopian electronica of the late 1970′s and early 80′s.

Based in Belfast N. Ireland – A Watkins.

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M​!​R​!​M - Luvenis

4 years after the release of debut album Heaven via Fabrika Records, M!R!M is back with “Iuvenis”, a dark/pop LP with 14 new tracks smoothly sewn by the young London based Italian Jack Milwaukee.

“Iuvenis is the result of two years of writing in my bedroom” Jack says. Entirely written with analog and digital synths, vintage drum machines, blurry vocals and dark bass lines, Iuvenis is once again a DIY work.

The album is clearly influenced by the 80′s post-punk / synth pop scene (New Order, The Wake, Killing Joke); yet it differs from the previous album and follows the last work released such as the 7” Matilde / Velvet Dress and the dream pop experience matured with Leave The Planet.

The “StoryTelling” in Iuvenis is more obvious than before, the album takes the listener to a deep nostalgic obscurity where laying down and being cuddled gently by the solitude is a must, while the sealing gets pierced by soft dreams and impossible hopes to reach. “Iuvenis is a Latin Word which means young man, which I am” Jack says.

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None - Vacuum

In between circles of monotony we will find peace and freedom. None releases a beautiful dynamic equilibrium that lives up to its name – Vacuum.

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