This Is The Bridge - Sans Soleil

A solo and collaborative electronic music project based in the London area. It began in 2013, exploring a ‘primitive electronic’ DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers.

Digital Album [free download]

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Portion Control - Seed EP2

Portion Control have been creating electronic dissonance for techno industrial pilgrims since 1980, rising as pioneers from the UK industrial electronics scene.

Digital Album

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Velvet Velour - Pleiades

Velvet Velour is the solo project of Russian synth wave diva Valeria Valuyskaya.

CD / Digital Album

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Lostsoundbytes - Degenerate Brain

It’s about time that our partner in crime Lostsoundbytes joined us for a ride. Kept on the back burner for a while, the debut album by the Belgium-based producer and Vastechoses label honcho couldn’t have come out at a more convenient time. Keeping with the madness that we all have buried within ourselves, Degenerate Brain sounds like it’s been recorded and corrupted by some artificial intelligence in the grips of mental disorder and paranoia. Frantically exhibiting a wide stylistic palette by means of irradiated kicks laid out on top of distressed electronic modulations; worn out electro bangers and slo-mo keepsakes from imaginary performances to crooked minimal wave ramblings led by a man-machine flying off the handle. A seemingly meaningless stroll orchestrated by a mind that has lost control over some data dump coming in hot — which may fry your brain unless you manage to pull yourself out before it’s too late.

LP / Digital Album

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Mynationshit - The Tycoon

Here comes the fourth release by Almería-based electronica artist Mynationshit titled ‘The Tycoon’. This is another addition to the independent label ‘Waste Editions’, run by Mynationshit’s frontman Carlos Martín along with his brother Ale.

This record highlights Martin’s latest musical touches. Its melancholic undertones juxtaposed with humble romanticism will inspire you. Indubitably, this Spanish artist’s distinguishable nature mixes elements of Electro, Dark Wave, Synth-Pop and Post-Punk.

Picture Johnny Cash and Peter Murphy singing catchy tunes to each other while on a cosmic journey to an unknown planet where synths and prose accompany their melodies.

12″ / Digital Album

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