XelaM - Rock And Roll

XelaM are an Italian New Wave Electro Music duo formed in the early 1980s, consisting of Monik & Mr. Alex. After many years Monik and Mr. Alex reunited as XelaM to play together in 2018.

CD / Digital Album

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DSM-V - Into Nothing​/​Function

DSM-V is a project based between Melbourne and Sydney, consisting of Marc Dwyer (Buzz Kull) and Morgan Wright (Burning Rose Records, Pelvis Records). After sharing the stage with their respective acts, the pair started to collaborate and record what would become DSM-V.

This first release from DSM-V traverses the usual EBM / Nu Beat tropes by including elements of hard dance and post-punk. Sounds you can blast on a club soundsystem or on speakers at home.

The band derives it’s name from the Diagnostic Statics Manual Revision number 5.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Mode in Gliany - Sous Globe Transparent

Here’s the latest release from Mode in Gliany, the minimal synth project of Boris Völt from Brittany, France.

Digital Album

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The Glen and Joe Show ‎– Insect Intelligence

The Glen and Joe Show formed in 1982 as a live-performance project for Glen Nelson and Joe Vizvary of the Juno-nominated band Images In Vogue. Glen and Joe have recorded and performed electronic music from ambient soundscapes to classic 80s synthpop to electronic dance music.

Glen and Joe continue to record and perform, recently opening for Midge Ure, and their No Motive EP later in 2020.

Digital Album [free download]

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Venin Carmin ‎– Constant Depression

After their acclaimed debut with “Glam Is Gone”, Venin Carmin releases her second album “Constant Depression”. This album is again full of catchy tunes. Sometimes light-footed, sometimes razor-sharp. France’s most extroverted post-punk / coldwave band is not a world improver. Situations are perceived from a distance, but the interpretation ensures that it all becomes very personal in the end. Many listeners will recognize themselves in the songs while dancing to the music.

LP / Digital Album

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