Hide – Hell is Here

HIDE are an electronic duo based in Chicago, made up of fine artist Gabel and percussionist Seth Sher. Together since 2014, the pair create sample based compositions using a combination of self sourced field recordings and various pop culture/media. Releases include 2016′s Black Flame EP which is dedicated to the memory of Reyhana Jabbari, a 27 year old Iranian woman who was hung for allegedly killing someone who trying to rape her, and deals with various human rights violations in Iran. HIDE’s 2017 debut album Castration Anxiety on Dais Records addresses issues of power dynamics and representation. Seething with textured yet minimal tracks, HIDE gives raw vulnerability an opportunity to unfurl, yielding an album that calls for personal autonomy and the destruction of anything barring the way. A single on Sub-pop for the label’s singles club followed, with two unhinged tracks touching on the phenomenon of internalized misogyny and aspects of motherhood.

LP / Digital Album

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Stallion's Stud – I Am Drama Man

A contemporary rendition of punk, fused with dubbed out, and slowed down industrial electronics, courtesy of Identified Patient and RLR’s Hugo van Heijningen. Together they go by the name Stallion’s Stud and come crashing down like a cavalry, leaving nothing but a dusty trail of destruction in its wake.

EP / Digital Album

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Ploho ‎– Пыль

Ploho is a post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Russia founded in 2013. The band is famous for its perfect balance between cold intense and depressive sound and danceable synth-pop rhythms. Their lyrics balance between acute social issues and romanticism.

Ploho is the undisputed leader in the Russian post-punk scene and now regularly performs in Europe. In 2018, the album “Where the Birds Fly Away to Die” entered the top 25 best albums of the year of the XRAY.fm radio rating.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge – The Absence Of Sensation

Solo and collaborative electronic music project from London area with roots in Liverpool. This Is The Bridge explores a ‘primitive electronic’, DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers.

Digital Album

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Years of Denial – Body Map

Years of Denial joins Pinkman Broken Dreams and deliver an EP with four devilish and cataclysmic electronic body tracks. The duo’s sound combines influences of deranged experimental music with vocals surrounding themes of isolationism and dark romanticism. The outcome is stunning in its very own way, as the music creates a deeply immersive atmosphere, and is abundantly vigorous to keep dancers on their toes and moving from the night’s darkest corners to the dawn of day.

EP / Digital Album

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