Dead – Dreams

Hypnotic and bewitching, DEAD has built its universe around boxes with acid rhythm, dancing and a cold shamanic voice, associated with sharp guitars and feedback.
Dead draws its inspiration from the texture of Jesus and Mary Chain as well as from the power of APTBS.

After 2 stripping EPs TRANSMISSIONS and VERSE, the latest VOICES release gives us a resolutely hypnotic universe with dark and melodic atmospheres!

12″ / Digital Album


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R. Elizabeth – Every And All We Voyage On

R. Elizabeth is the recording name of London-based artist and academic Rachael Finney. Every And All We Voyage On is her solo recording project’s second full length and is a focused distillation of her practice in sound art and her knack for pop minimalism. It follows a long sold out release on Where To Now? Records and a prolonged period in which she concentrated on artist residencies exploring her interest in recorded sound and voice. Immediate and natural, Every And All We Voyage On manages to sound joyful while tackling complex themes, handling everything with an improvisatory touch. The songs are full of air and light; infectious, melodic and off-the-cuff.

LP / Digital Album

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Clear Memory 002

The veil falls, as the transmitter that is Clear Memory commences to send for a second time. Light is being shed on the works of Milium, Westlake & Hayter, Robyrt Hecht and Varum. Four tracks of scientifically crafted tunes, full of rugged drums, menacing basslines, mesmerizing keys, voices that narrate both hard to swallow truths and declare their attachment. 140 g of Clear Memory Sound at various speeds and styles.

12″ / Digital Album

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Hyboid – Strange Signals

Hyboid of Astro Chicken Records returns with another full-length LP fresh from his Berlin-based studio: 14 tunes filled to the brim with synth-laden space synth pop goodness. “Strange Signals” is the tale of an interstellar romance gone wrong. Follow our hero through the mists of time and space and watch him return with a fistful of far out oscillations!

2xLP / Digital Album

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Kontravoid – Too Deep

Kontravoid aka Cameron Findlay marks his follow-up release on Fleisch with his second full-length LP, a cinematic distillation of the sounds that have come to define the project. A sinister thread of distorted percussion carries the listener through themes of isolation and obsession, a solitary roadtrip across the psyche. From the grinding thud of “Open the Wound” to the airy melodies of “Cost of Life”, the landscapes are varied and the journey is expansive, but ever accompanied by the ominous growl of a mysterious masked man.

LP / Digital Album

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