Closed Mouth - Before The Dream Faded

Closed Mouth is a solo cold wave / post-punk project from France.

CD / Digital Album

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Marble Slave - Fan Fiction

Marble Slave is a solo project from Paris, born from sleepless nights and unspoken feelings. In between nostalgic synth pop and dreamy new wave, he finds his own voice to narrate the fragile and meaningful moments that define a life.

CD / Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Pristine Gardens

With his infectious bass and poignant synth lines, interwoven with themes around the complexity of modern day living in an often impersonal world, Crystalline Stricture’s pure analogue sound is beautifully constructed and played from the heart.

Digital Album

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Leeches - Exobirth

Leeches is a solo lo-fi, synth-punk project from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Her Absence Fill the World - Part​-​time Punk

The duo “Her Absence Fill the World” makes music which sounds lost and chased at the same time. Inspired and driven by their different individual backgrounds from Ankara to Berlin, over the education in classical violin to self produced/played techno & EBM, their style conglomerates in a dark and melodic sound.

Digital Album

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