After their EP, Les mécanismes de la culpabilité, released in 2013, POLICE DES MOEURS is back on Atelier Ciseaux with a 33rpm flirt. A romance shared with fellow Montreal-based duet ESSAIE PAS (with Marie Davidson).

POLICE DES MOEURS plays cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment between the end of utopia and the final ecological disaster. The world after the future. They released their debut LP, last year, on Mannequin Records.

ESSAIE PAS is a prism to the sensual world. Essaie Pas has troubled sleep. Essaie Pas is both a rift and a revelation. Essaie pas is our running blood. Essaie pas & The Acid-Melted Egos. Essaie Pas has released a really nice EP at the end of 2013, on Teenage Menopause and Malditos. ESSAIE PAS/ don’t try.

A night in Montreal, a synth-pop dream. The urge not to see daylight again.

Listen and order here.

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Holy Strays- Pathless March x Seance

Holy Strays’ new single for Atelier Ciseaux reveals a different side of the young producer’s approach. Having privileged complex patterns and layers of drums and percussions on his debut EP ‘Chasm’ for Demand Vinyl last fall, ‘Pathless March’ x ‘Seance’ find the Paris-based musician experimenting with a more classical instrumentation, including guitar and piano, and more straight-forward structures revealing a growing desire to refine his sound.

After sharing stages with artists as diverse as Braids, Robedoor, Forest Swords and Lapalux, and remixing Dublin-based rising rapper Rejjie Snow and Canadian minimal rock outfit SUUNS within a few months, Sebastien Forrester (aka Holy Strays) seems to have been seeking for a balance between epic beat-driven tracks and subtle environmental soundscapes. This new attempt highlights his pursuit of a new kind of folkloric music that would reflect his own environment.

‘Pathless March’ and ‘Seance’ were born on a recent trip to southern Brittany. The ‘visual single’ that follows is based on the context the songs were created in, after a trip to the old submarine base in St Nazaire. From this very particular moment arose the idea to constitute a testimony and share it with the listener to create a common experience.

Listen and download here.

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77tm - Spam

Arising from the underground of Neukölln in Berlin, this Polish-Danish duo brings pulsating beats and bass lines together with vintage synthesizers and analog drum machines, as well as self-customized and bended low-bit instruments. 77™ takes a conceptually different approach to each release, which usually is visually supported by experimental videos/animations.

Their remix for Millimetric’s “Negative Leaders” EP has been released on Space Factory Records.

Listen and order here.

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Alles - Post

Debut album of this minimal-electro-pop project from Łódź (Poland).

Cassette limited to 100 copies. Includes a button.

Listen and order here.

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To Feed A Neon Forest

To Feed A Neon Forest is the project of English born, Finnish based musician, DJ and producer Alec Kyle Sibbald.

Starting out as both a musician in various punk and no-wave bands and a disco and Italo DJ, Alec was very active in the music and DJ-scene of Brighton England.

After moving to Helsinki Finland, Alec found himself in a new country without his close circle of musical friends and decided to start creating music on his own, manifesting his love of no-wave, post punk, minimal synth and Italo-disco into To Feed A Neon Forest.

The songs are romantically melancholy, telling stories of frustration, love, loss and indifference sung in a deep apathetic tone, musically accompanied by complex, minimal uptempo compositions all performed on various 80’s synthesizers and drum machines.

Currently To Feed A Neon Forest is working on a live set with other musicians with the intention of playing as a band and bringing the energy and no-wave punk ethos of the music to the live performance.

Listen and order here.

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