Pharmakos - Nude

Pharmakos is the work of Cole Garner Hill. Debut album “Nude” out now on Pour Le Corps on 100 limited-edition cassettes/digital download. D.Y.O.G.

Listen and order here.

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Kord feat. Annie Gylling - We Live In This

The musician behind Kord is an original member of Swedish cult electronic/acid oufit Frak and producing music since the late 1980′s…
with Kord he produces a more synthpop minded kind of music… most of the time…

for Gooiland Elektro he teamed up with his partner in crime/love and came up with this raw elektro EP… these tracks are the perfect mix of crazy and twisted electronic music (a signature of his Frak work) and dancefloor orientated sounds since the late 1980′s…

so we get served unpolished dance tunes with hints of EBM, new beat and (minimal) elektro… non stop primitive disco for sure!

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Rude 66

Rude 66 does not need an introduction… this Dutch acid and elektro veteran has been around for a long time… being part of the old school acid scene from The Hague with releases on legendary label Acid Planet and he is one of the originals (again) when it comes to the new wave of electro in the late 1990′s…

Especially for Gooiland Elektro he has created this dark elektro EP… two vocals tracks on the A-side with Beta Evers and Sololust appearing as partners in crime… and on the B-side two instrumental almost trance like tracks…

This is were elektro, acid (beat) and a touch of old school gothic come together!

Listen and order here.

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Further Reductions Woodwork

Cititrax is proud to present a full length LP by Brooklyn duo Further Reductions. Shawn O’Sullivan and Katie Rose formed Further Reductions in 2008 as an outlet for their shared passion of electronic dance music. O’Sullivan, known for his recent techno releases as Vapauteen on L.I.E.S., 400PPM on Avian and Civil Duty (with Beau Wanzer of Streetwalker) on The Corner has been quite active lately blurring the lines between techno and noise music. With Further Reductions, O’Sullivan’s rhythmic sensibility is fused with Rose’s pop leanings to create super lush and atmospheric tracks that work both on and off the dance floor. Informed by the sounds of classic techno and early house, they subtly substitute the structure of functional club music with a more primal absorption based in their unique collaboration. Seductive vocals coupled with organically evolving sequences create a complex narrative that penetrates the subconscious in a way that conventional club music rarely threatens to.

Woodwork is an edition of 999 copies pressed on 160 gram clear vinyl with purple and silver splatter, presented in a high gloss printed LP jacket. Release date: April 30th, 2014. Track A1, High End Basics was featured on Veronica Vasicka’s LN-CC mix as well as her visit to Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show.

Listen and order here.

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Selofan - Verboten

Strictly analogue narrations about love and the loss of it, death and the fear of it, sexuality and the repression of it, addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species.

Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide in digipak with 7 bonus tracks.

Listen and order here.

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