Makina Girgir - Tape Songs

Retro-Lektro-Wave project combining electro and 80s wave/synth influences.

LP / Digital Album

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Imiafan ‎- Videnie

Electro synth pop project around Slovak electronic musician Imrich Végh, also owner of the 4mg Records and member of Képeslap.


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Seacrypt - The Sequel

Here’s the latest release from Seacrypt, a synthpop trio from Oakland, California.

LP / Digital Album

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Beta Evers - Walking The Labyrinth

YEARS AGO… Brigitte Enzler grew up with New Wave and experimental electronic music from the early 80s. In her teenage years she founded a girl-combo and started her first own tape/record label to independently release and distribute their own music. In the 1990s Brigitte started to arrange parties (electronic music) for small clubs in her area (Augsburg, Germany).

IN THE 2000s… in the year 2000, she founded the network Kommando 6. In 2001 she decided, to run a label again and Kommando 6 became also a record label. Finally, in the same year, she started to record tracks under the pseudonym BETA EVERS, what she does strictly on her own, without the participation of producers. In 2006 she closed the Kommando 6 label after 20 releases and started soon 2 new labels, Bodyvolt and Venus Noir (2007/2008).

GENERALLY… Besides her solo-works, Beta Evers was involved in various collaborative projects: Black Spider Clan, Radikale Analog Fraktion, Flying Bodies, Zwischenwelt, Gedankenexperiment, Black Pond. Once in a while she did guest vocals for other artists and collaborated with other artists on the production of single tracks. Beta Evers rarely plays live.

RECENTLY…. Between 2009 and 2015 she focused on collaborative projects and released no solo EP or LP. In 2016 she announced 3 new Beta Evers releases to be out between December 2016 and December 2017: Delusion LP (Bodyvolt/Daft Records), a Split EP (with Spatial Relation on Peripheral Minimal) and Walking the labyrinth, a Mini-LP (Falco Invernale Records).

Mini-LP / Digital Album

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Zania Morgan ‎- Shapeshifter

Zania Morgan has been a live music/ritual performance for the last 10 years. As of July 27th 2017, her first Vinyl release, “Shapeshifter” is being put out by Falco Infernale Records in France.

12″ EP

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